Enforced Rest

I guess you know that no one can really enforce rest on an able-bodied adult except that adult herself. And I must confess that resting is one of my weak points at mid-life. It’s especially not easy to do six days before Christmas. Today, other than going to the doctor’s office and the pharmacy, I have remained at home, and I am now on antibiotics, pushing fluids and "resting." I am actually lying down. I finished reading a book, and now I’m reading blogs at a leisurely pace.

This means I am not:

Doing the dishes
Doing the laundry
Doing anything else for work (finished all that this morning, or all I can do from here, anyway)
Doing the Christmas cards (really need to sit up for that)
Wrapping presents (all that stuff is upstairs)
Cooking anything (We’ll order out tonight)
Getting up to let dogs or cats in or out of the house

I hope this means that soon I will:


And later:

Feel better.

Thank you for all the throat advice. I am not a big fan of honey but put some in my tea this morning. (Note to self: no honey on an empty stomach.) Toddy fans, I’m hoping it won’t come to that, since I would have to send my non-drinking husband to the store to find the proper ingredient. Of course my legally of age son will be home tomorrow night, so I can ask him if thing don’t improve in the meantime.

I’m lying on the couch and enjoying the tree. If I only had a copy of the second book in Pullman’s "His Dark Materials" trilogy, I would be completely happy. I do have Marcus Borg on "The First Christmas," but that feels too serious for a sick day. Maybe tomorrow.

I think I’m doing a pretty good job of enforcing rest this afternoon.

12 thoughts on “Enforced Rest”

  1. Love you – so proud of you for taking yourself seriously and doing what you need to to get better.
    I’d bring The Subtle Knife over for you if I only could xxx

  2. Well, I can’t bring it to you from across the country…but I could call you and read it to you on the phone? Or I could just record a couple of chapters of it, and send you that…

  3. ice water, salt water gargles (all the Dr’s recommend this one – salt kills the germs, warm feels good), hot tea (honey or not)…hope you feel better soon!

  4. so sorry you are sickly! I got some of that Alka Seltzer Immunity Complex stuff last week when I had a huge sore throat and felt like I was going down. It helped. But the resting will help MOST!
    love to you.

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