Snowy, With a Chance of Shoveling

"All the Whos down in Whoville loved Christmas a lot," I murmured to my husband in the dark of our bedroom early this morning.
"But the Grinch, who lived just North of Whoville, did not," he intoned in response.

This is how I feel this morning, like the person who stole Advent 3. I really, really dislike canceling church, and it is only a small consolation that the Unitarians and the Baptists on either side of us did the same. But we are on the opening edge of what is predicted to be a huge Nor’Easter, and it didn’t seem right to insist that others attend church when it seemed unlikely the pastor would make the 70 mile round-trip safely.

I am tucked up at home with coffee and Christmas tree and knitting and Christmas-themed movies.

I predict the weather will indeed be snowy, with a chance of shoveling. As a commitment to my faith in the weather report, I bought an extra shovel yesterday, so I can help when the time comes. We had better need it, or I will feel pretty silly. Also, Grinch-y.

What are you doing today? How’s the weather where you are? Let me know in the comments. I’m coming up on 11, 450 comments, and if you happen to be the one, there just might be a hand-knit hat in it for you, as soon as I finish the secret Christmas projects.

35 thoughts on “Snowy, With a Chance of Shoveling”

  1. Always a hard call, isn’t it? But safety first! We are having a heat wave…breaking double digits! And a good thing too because we have to come outside to process tonight for Lessons and Carols and we don’t want to freeze the choir. (We don’t all fit any other way) Snuggle down and enjoy the day. Snow days are the only consolation for snow IMHO!

  2. We are not as snowy as you all, but the calls have been coming all morning, and, yes, we are having church!

  3. All the churches in my town are closed, or delayed. But I’m headed 35 miles away, where the weather is worse, but apparently the worshippers are hardier. Sigh.

  4. the weather is pretty ugly here–we got 12 inches of snow on Thursday, and already at least an additional 6. It’s coming down really hard and is very windy. I don’t know if my church has canceled yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do! I haven’t seen anything like this in a couple of years!

  5. Here, the weather is quite mild (touch wood). Cold, but not cold enough to snow. Of course, because I live in a city with 7 hills, any freezing can be pretty deadly. 2-3 inches of snow can make the roads unsafe for a week, if it stays cold.
    I’m sorry that Advent 3 got stolen, though…will think of you today at mine.

  6. I’m still camped at a friend’s mom’s house while I wait for power to come on at my place. We had a dusting of snow yesterday, just enough to cover the grass. The temp dropped enough that bridges and overpasses were icy, but otherwise, this storm didn’t cause much trouble. We’re having church with or without power. The friend whose mom I’m staying with is our assistant minister. She too is displaced here and has to preach today. When church is over, I’ll head by my place to see if the power’s on and check on the cat. Maybe today will be my lucky day!
    Stay warm and safe!!!

  7. Hey, Songbird –
    Enjoy the time today! We are cancelled (in southeastern NH), and although I was already dressed and ready to go (I was to lead worship today), I am thankful for time to hole up and not feel guilty. Boy is it snowy and blowy out there.

  8. I checked your blog SPECIFICALLY to see if you were cancelled! We are. I wish that I felt as guilty as you do, but I have a wicked-bad cold, and many of my parishioners are elderly and have no business driving in this, so it felt like a good call–to take the choice out of their hands. No duty-bound church-going this morning.
    And I’m hunkering down (after the first round of shoveling) with knitting by the Christmas tree, coffee in hand.
    Blessings, Songbird! Happy Advent 3!

  9. I’m still in my PJs at 9:25 AM and need to get to church in an hour to be the chalice bearer. Then search committee at church. Then buy presents for office staff and volunteers because we had to move our lunch from Thursday to Monday. Then drive 1 1/2 hours to the beach to speak at the farewell dinner of a pastor who serves on the board of the non-profit I run. Then drive 1 1/2 hours home. Yesterday was much the same, but with a 7AM start time. I’d really like to stay in my PJs all day! Maybe on Saturday . . . .

  10. This just in: will smama without power, no church, holed up at her parents’ place with young Will. I am grateful for electricity, although there’s every chance we will lose it later, too.

  11. Well, no snow or storms, of course. But it has been in the 30s every morning for a week. So don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t get cold in Southern California.
    I am nearly done with the shopping and have almost everything I need to ship my boxes to distant relatives. Still no tree. Threw away the cookies that tasted like paste. We’re getting there. The holiday spirit may arrive just in time.

  12. It is very, very snowy here in Wisconsin.
    I can’t get out in the snow because I can’t put weight on my right ankle- I had ankle fusion surgery the middle of October. I have about a month before I start physical therapy and another month before I go back to work.
    I am about to go stir crazy! Good thing I have my balcony- the snow drifts are beautiful!
    Still- counting the days until Jan. 15th when I can put weight on my ankle!

  13. I’ve got the same storm you do, and I must say it’s much less Winter Wonderland-y than the snow earlier this week. It seems I don’t really care for Nor’Easters!

  14. We have a perfectly glorious sunny day here, though quite cold for us, 29F.
    Yesterday it was HORRIBLE (for here), raining, blowing, biting wind, temp falling.
    Thanking God for the sunshine. Sending virtual sunshine all y’all’s way.

  15. Hi today for us in low 50s – COLD for us. We had the storm that turned into Nor’easter as it heads north. You are welcome!
    Off to church – I will sing for you all today and pray for the weather to be as gentle as a nor’easter can possibly be and for folks to remain safe.

  16. Onkel Hankie Pants bravely walked to church, planning to stop at supermarket on the way back so we can have Real Sloppy Joes for supper. His evening rehearsal is cancelled. He and my nephew and girlfriend (of the latter!) went up to our woods yesterday and two Christmas trees are reposing outside our front door. I think we’ll have to bring them inside today else they may be hidden by snow! Took dog out for a brief walk and it was amazing how deep the snow on sidewalks was already. Anyway, as far as I know Big Taupe Church had church — I will find out in a bit. Today was Major Choir Performance and I wonder about that since I think one of the soloists lives on A Certain Peninsula We Have Discussed. Just looked out window and snow seems to have stopped for a while. By the way, despite all the weather people, my cousin the lobsterman, who learned to point the compass as a mere tot, says “Nor’Easter” is a travesty and it should be “No’theaster” with a long “o”. “Sou’wester” on the other hand is correct. They needed to be understood when shouting directions in the teeth of a howling gale.

  17. We had some snow yesterday here on Long Island (downstate New York), but today the high will be 44 and the 35-mph winds are blowing rain at us and making slush of what’s on the ground. That means that it’ll be dangerously icy overnight.

  18. Cold (29) and clear, with just a skiff of snow. It will be gone the second it gets above freezing. However, we rarely get enough snow to matter.

  19. We’re in the Pacific NW and here is our official weather forecast: “Wind driven rain showers this morning with a steady, soaking rain during the afternoon hours. High 43F”
    Wow–no surprise there! 🙂
    No need for you to feel Grinchy — sounds like the best call to me! And since you have to be home, enjoy the Christmas movies! 🙂

  20. Way over here where we live, we’re getting lots of snow, too! We canceled worship this morning, but only at the last minute and with great disappointment. One additional consideration for us: we worship in borrowed space, and there’s no guarantee the snowplows will have the parking lot plowed out for us.
    Wanna trade Christmas movies later? We were supposed to have an open house this afternoon for our congregation, so we have lots of Christmas cookies to share, too!

  21. In our houseful of school attenders we were delighted when the onset was delayed, hoping for a snow day TOMORROW, but only light snow by 9 am. . . A sparsely attended but cheerful cantata service, and then when we left around 11 WHAM! It was snowing SPECTACULARLY! So I would say it was a good call to have it, but also a good call to have xed the caroling for this afternoon. Enjoy your time. . . Snowy (so far) in Ellsworth. . .

  22. We had between 12-18 inches yesterday (finishing sometime during the night). When I woke up this morning my road (a private road) was not plowed and I was wondering how I might manage…since we will pretty much NEVER cancel church. Generally the city and township trucks are really on top of the whole thing, but my road is done by a private company. Sadly, they plowed while I was in the shower. So off I went–and most main roads were okay, not great, but passable. Interestingly, our attendance was not down at all for the day in spite of the shoveling people had to do to get here.
    I don’t think we even have a mechanism in place to tell people if we cancelled…that’s how unlikely it is. I’m envious of y’all with your hot cocoa and PJs. I’m off to youth group, then confirmation, then youth group party…

  23. It’s a beautiful clear day with temps in the mid-50’s. Silly us, we think that’s cold. I hope all you snowbound folks are snuggled on the couch with a hot cup of whatever you like best.

  24. Once, in the northern part of the State, we had a sprinkling of snow (four flakes). No one came to church ‘cept me and the other preacher.
    Down here, we cancel because of tropical storms and hurricanes.
    I hope you are having a snuggly good time!
    Can you travel in 11 days? Pullleeeezz say YES

  25. wow, again I am out of the loop! no, our weather is good, and the snow hasn’t come down lately. still on the ground from last time.
    never have to cancel church here in the city no matter WHAT. but out in the country it did happen on occasion. I didn’t hate it, but it felt disorienting. I really do orient my week around church.

  26. hmmm. didn’t save that comment re: snow. It’s cold here and the snow is still on the ground from last time. No church cancelling for Us (ever, actually). But in teeny weeny town, yes, sometimes I did.
    relax, though. have a Snow Day.

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