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After the Piano Lesson

During The Princess’ piano lesson, Pure Luck and I tromped around some woods on the other side of town, running through the snow with Molly and Sam. After we picked up The Princess and loaded everyone into the car, we had the following conversation.

Pure Luck: If you have a minute, we can drive by that house with the nightmare Christmas display.

The Princess (from the back seat): What?

Songbird: We’re going to drive by the Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Princess: You mean the LIGHTmare?

Songbird (to Pure Luck): You are a bad influence on her.

Pure Luck: On the contrary, I think I’m a very good influence.

(I’ll try to get a picture of the LIGHTmare to post another day.)

6 thoughts on “After the Piano Lesson”

  1. Yes, looking forward to that picture.
    Great picture of you, Songbird. I smile back every time I visit your site!

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