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Last Week at the Clergy Retreat

Img_6275Last Tuesday our new Associate Conference Minister held an Advent Retreat for clergy.

I made art!

And my friend, Tall Country Pastor, took pictures of me. I must admit to being surprised at how I look.

I guess I’m getting somewhere.

(The sweater? Pure Luck’s young cousin told me I looked very "now" in it when I wore it on Thanksgiving.)

34 thoughts on “Last Week at the Clergy Retreat”

  1. Totally stylin’, beautiful and amazing. Thank you for letting us share in such joy…And man, eah time I look at the weather pixie on your sidebar, I sort-of freak. It is COLD where you are…Stay warm.

  2. You have always looked beautiful! Your insides as well as your outsides. I love your smile…you look so happy. PLUS! You are crafting!!

  3. Is that temperature right? 21 degrees????
    And I had a “discussion” with my son about wearing extra clothes for temps in the 50-60’s today!
    You look great and mostly because you are smiling.

  4. You do look great! And as we used to say in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, “40 below keeps the riff-raff out”. I don’t know if a mere 21 above works, although, we are supposed to be the safest state in the nation now….at least crime-wise.

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