Over the River

Guess who these two end-of-the-Baby Boomers listened to while driving to Thanksgiving dinner?

There will be a prize for the right guess and for the funniest guess (which will be totally subjective, naturally.)

25 thoughts on “Over the River”

  1. Auntie Knickers and I were listening to the same station. Had no idea of what was going on. I was also in a practice room at college. I have a huge gap in knowledge of late boomer music. Of course, you may have not been listening to boomer music anyway.


  2. Well, here in the Little Blue State, we were listening to ABBA. (Picture us dancing around the kitchen.)
    Lisa and the Fennell sisters paused in the Thanksgiving Day revelry to offer the following suggestions for your K-Tel Records 1970’s Worst Nightmare Mix Tape–
    Moody Blues — Knights in White Satin
    Glen Campbell — Wichita Lineman
    Bread — Baby I’m A Want You
    Barry Manilow — Mandy
    Neil Sedaka — Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
    Debbie Boone — You Light Up My Life
    John Denver — Thank God I’m A Country Boy
    Maria Muldaur — Midnight at the Oasis
    Gordon Lightfoot — The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
    Vickie Lawrence — The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
    Captain & Tenille — Muskrat Love
    Donny Osmond — Puppy Love
    Michael Jackson — Ben
    Starland Vocal Band — Afternoon Delight
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Ruby, we *like* some of those! Moody Blues and Bread were definitely available in Pure Luck’s car, though we listened exclusively to a solo artist with an idiosyncratic name. Hope this hint helps.
    Thus far the funniest answer is the Smurf song, although it might have been the rap songs until I went to the link and realized I didn’t know any of them!


  4. We had an interfamily squabble about including The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and Moody Blues. (Garden Girl loves Gordon Lightfoot.) Unfortunately, they were victims of too much airplay on WNOR during the teen years.
    As for Bread, I played Bread’s “Guitar Man” until the LP wore out, and in an embarrassing teen moment, I recorded myself singing “If.”
    P.S. I cast my vote for the Smurf song. Tee hee.


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