Mildly Disconcerting

It’s mildly disconcerting to be in one job and considering others openly, not in the sense of talking up the possibilities, but in the sense that we all know my time is limited in this position and that inevitably I will move on to other fields of service.

It’s also mildly disconcerting to have no idea what that next job might be. I’m not sure Interim Ministry is the best fit for a mother with children who still require educating. There is a measure of anxiety in the unknown, don’t you know.

It’s mildly disconcerting to realize that in ten months of ministry you have won over people you never expected to accept you, much less appreciate you.

And it’s also mildly disconcerting to realize you appreciate them, too.

(This has been a busy couple of days. I hope that regular posting of a reasonably substantive nature will resume soon.)

7 thoughts on “Mildly Disconcerting”

  1. Join the club, sweetie…I’ve got to the stage now where I’m seriously considering inviting the congregation to pray for my job search – but somehow that feels a bridge too far as yet.
    Good to hear from you, whatever you post xx

  2. something loaded weirdly when i clicked on the site, and your template didn’t show up. so, i discovered your newspaper columns today!
    it shouldn’t be so surprising that you have bonds with people you have seen weekly [or more often] for ten months. you have bonds with people close and far, whom you have never met in person.

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