10 Random Things About Me

Because Jan asked…

1. My two mothers (birth and adoptive) have the same birthday. (It’s tomorrow.)

2. My birth mother named me after a social worker who had been a co-worker of my adoptive mother’s.

3. I named my first cat after a poem I loved, "Pinkle Purr," by A.A. Milne.

4. I tried to talk my college boyfriend into being a minister.

5. I used to do a lot of singing (thus Songbird), but since an illness in 2003, I’ve had a partially paralyzed vocal cord and sometimes my voice does not cooperate. This is a something of an inconvenience for a preacher, but it’s more
of a problem now singing than speaking; it does seem to be improving
over time.

6. Whenever I watch a play, or listen to or see a musical, I think about what would be the best part for #1 Son. It’s a game I’ve been playing with him or with myself since he was a youngster. He got to play one of those parts and then a few years later so did his brother! (Charlie Brown–though their own personalities are far more Linus-y; this was especially fun because I once played Lucy.)

7. I have met Captain Kangaroo, Mick Fleetwood and Richard M. Nixon.

8. However, unlike some of you, no one famous ever hit on me.

9. I did date someone who was a minor local celebrity, in a not-so-good way, and the less said about that the better.

10. If any member of my family reads this and says more about #9, there will be unpleasant consequences.

I think lots of people have played this already, so I’m not sure who to tag. I’ll try Phantom, Rosa, St. Casserole or Whistle, Cheesehead and Ruby.

18 thoughts on “10 Random Things About Me”

  1. i’m so sorry to hear about the vocal chords… that must be very frustrating, sad… challenging…
    and yeah… i don’t believe anyone famous has ever hit on me.
    i think my mom met captain kangaroo too!

  2. I don’t have the residual vocal cord “problem” but I do have residual lip and chin numbness which impacts my speaking….sigh. Sorry to learn you have something similar.

  3. No one (especially someone famous) ever hit on me either, so I’ll join the club! Your two mothers had such an affinity having the same birthday. There’s some synchronicity there. You’ve met many more famous people than I ever have! Glad you played.

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