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a visit with jo(e)

  Songbird and jo(e) 
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Today I had a chance to meet a blogger I have been reading for years. jo(e) came to City By the Sea for a conference, and I had the pleasure of kidnapping her for lunch and a tour of the best local views.

Molly and Sam came along for the outdoor portions of the program, and Molly is blogging about the visit, too.

I love to show City By the Sea off to visitors. Crisp autumn met tangy salt in the air, and I think we both appreciated the chance to be outdoors and off the clock.

I always wonder, when I meet bloggers, whether I will meet their expectations of me? And I suppose the question may flow in the other direction as well. We write our lives, except when we don’t, isn’t that right? In jo(e), I found a passionate heart and a keen mind, a creative eye and a soft touch. And those did not surprise me.

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  1. What a wonderful thing to say about her. I cannot imagine your not meeting anyone expectations. You are wonderful.

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