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Halloween Party 2007 011

is "give pizza a chance," said a boy dressed as one of the Beatles. 

We’re having a Halloween party. Most of The Princess’ best friends are here, enjoying supper before trick-or-treating later. Molly is partying with them, hoping for droppage. No little visitors to the front door yet. It’s pretty warm out tonight, for Vacationland, but since it’s still light, I guess people are getting a later than usual start.

One of my favorite things about Halloween in this neighborhood? The crunchy sound of the leaves as little feet come up my front walk.

The Traditional Ghost Bride Pose

The Princess is wearing a positively enormous costume. Wish her luck trailing up and down streets.

The Well Shod Ghost Bride

At least she picked the right shoes.

#1 Son and Snowman, if you read this, will you leave a comment and tell us what you’re doing tonight? We miss you both and hope you enjoy the evening, too.

Anyone else waiting for trick-or-treaters? What do you have in your candy dish? We have Milky Way (3 points for two fun size bars, in case you’re wondering), Three Musketeers, Reese’s and Snickers. You can guess from the point count which ones matter to me.

(More and bigger pictures at Flickr, if you click through.)

18 thoughts on “All We Are Saying…”

  1. We gave away only candy that I don’t like. Starburst, bottle caps, and such. Joe gave away chocolate from his back yard lair.

  2. We gave out naughty chocolate stuff:
    Butterfingers, Twix, M&M’s (both plain and peanut), Hershey’s Miniatures, Mounds, Nestle’s Crunch, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
    I did indulge, but not to anywhere near the extent that I have in previous years. I will again be avoiding that stuff starting tomorrow, thanks to the ever-so-helpful spousal unit. At my request, he has now hidden away ALL of the candy, including the boys’ hauls, to be rationed out periodically, so as to avoid major tooth decay and bellyaches. I don’t know where he hid it, thank goodness!
    Oh … we also had little packs of pretzels, courtesy of my in-laws, who live in a little apartment in the downstairs of our home.

  3. The change in Daylight Savings Time has greatly improved our trick-or-treater count, which was fun in spite of the dog’s crazed barking each time a doorbell rang (and our equally crazed efforts to secure him before we could answer). We gave out Snickers, little boxes of Junior Mints, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. In our old neighborhood in City of Lakes, there was someone who gave out cans of pop (as it is called there) and everyone knew where that was. Then there was the guy who worked for General Mills and gave out cereal….Wonderful costumes at the Princess’s party.

  4. Hope that she survived the bigness of her costume! We had around 20 or so here, much less than we had in our other neighborhood. Had a bowl of Skittles, and mixed mini candy bars, which were mostly all given out… yea!

  5. Last night? Well, I’m sick, so I stayed in and read a book before going to bed at eleven o’clock. Woohooooo.

  6. How MUCH fun! We took candy corn to choir rehearsal and went to Applebee’s for coffee afterward, where there were many costumed folk. But none as cute as this.

  7. That #1 son knows how to party.
    The Princess looked spooky/lovely.
    We had about half of the trick-or-treaters we had last year, so I sent my husband off this morning with an enormous bag of candy for his office. Better them than me.

  8. Oh what fun! For the first time ever I kind of got the point of trick or treating last night, as we had lots of little kids arrive on our doorstep (including one small wizard whose hat was definitely twice as big as the rest of him) and the only inappropriately adult teens who arrived had completely subverted the potential scariness of their costumes by wonderfully silly twangy clown noses. Quite mad and really rather delightful – but nobody as stunning as the Princess in her HUGE dress.
    We gave out fun sized Maltesers – 3 points a bag- and Haribo kids mix – both of which seemed to go down well.

  9. Last year I ran out of candy less than an hour into the city’s official trick-or-treat time. So this year I bought double the amount, barely sampled any, and ran out of candy around 6:50, which was even earlier than last year. We must have had at least 175-200 kids by then, most arriving after 6:00. Overall the costumes were great – it was actually warm enough that the goblins didn’t have heavy winter coats covering their costumes. Cutest costume: A toddler dressed as a bumble bee. Worst costume, seen on maybe 20 kids: Greedy Teenage Slacker Too Lazy To Find An Actual Costume. That caused me to enact a new rule (made easier given the wide variety of candy I handed out): The bigger the trick-or-treater, the smaller the piece of candy. At least only a handful of people held out pillowcases saying, “It’s for my baby.” Um…the babies looked to be 2 to 6 months old. Right. The candy is for the babies. Yeah.

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