Briefly and Vaguely

I’ve been asked to consider doing something that required two steps of preliminary assessment, one using a test of sorts, the other an interview.

Tonight I got word that my results on the first part were "excellent."

The interview is Thursday.

I could say that if I do well then the question will be answered, but there is more to it than being approved by others. I need to find some space to hear what God has to say about it.

I’ll say more when I can.

14 thoughts on “Briefly and Vaguely”

  1. Congrats on excelling at stage one–and the knowledge that even if you do so at stage two, which I bet is likely, it is still a decision for you to make in conversation with the Spirit.
    I love discernment, even though it can be stressful, because it’s so much about the process and not just the product. I usually end up a bit more healed and strong and open-hearted from all the prayer and conversations along the way….Kind of how, as someone said so beautifully in commenting on your recent wonderful work improving the health of your body, you’re also expanding your spirit.
    Praying and trusting that the same will prove true in this process. (((Songbird)))

  2. “Excellent” is no surprise at all. Must talk later re training I did yesterday – really well timed for both of us, I think. hugs xxxx

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