The Upside of the Day Shift

Pure Luck has been working the day shift in faraway Mitten-Shaped State, which allows us to chat in the evening. We have discovered online Scrabble. My blogging and knitting and reading are suffering. But it is fun to spend time with him, any way I can get it.

There is no question that it has been hard to keep up with exercise in
the absence of my beloved personal trainer. But aside from that, we’ve
gotten along surprisingly well around here in his absence, especially
considering that Snowman is gone, too. I haven’t said much about any of
this because I’ve been reluctant to claim to be doing well in case
things tipped in the other direction.Don’t ask when he gets home; the dates always shift right at the end. I’m trying not to count on anything. In fact, he tells me tonight there may be a delay, just when it looked like he would be home next week.

I am trying not to spend too much time counting the days he has been gone.

Really, the only thing to expect is to be disappointed at the same time you’re feeling grateful that he has work. One need only consider the price of heating oil, right?

Meanwhile, we have Scrabulous.

8 thoughts on “The Upside of the Day Shift”

  1. That would be hard, to be separated for a while like this, yes.
    Online Scrabble? neat! I once found an online Jeopary game, the kind where you play with random people online. Oh, it was great fun. They did away with that, which was just as well since it was SO addictive! The Jeopardy they have online now is only for one person and the questions are really too simple (even for me)!

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