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Yes, We are Hip

Olbermann2_2I was watching Keith Olbermann tonight and was astounded and perhaps a little thrilled to hear a reference to the birth control controversy here in City By the Sea.

Apparently Bill O’Reilly has claimed the school acted in this way simply because his book about culture wars is coming out in paperback.


What kind of crazy is that man?

I called The Princess to the TV to hear Keith name Bill O’ as "Worser" Person in the World.

"Wow," she said. "Who ever thought my school would be on the show of your TV Boyfriend?"

14 thoughts on “Yes, We are Hip”

  1. He is also my TV boyfriend but I’m happy to share.
    You are indeed in the eye of the Culture Wars Storm apparently. Good for you and City-by-the-Sea!

  2. I didn’t realize that there was this issue until I read it in the NY post (of all places). The Times ran an article about it too (though the details were not quite right).
    But wow — that is pretty ridiculous.

  3. Someone I live with watches Bill O’Reilly (I TOLD you I had a mixed marriage). I’ve gotten very good at not hearing the TV at all. Therefore, I didn’t hear this outrageous claim. He’s a banana. (Bill is.)
    And my misguided spouse? Maybe not a banana, but doesn’t know who Che Guevara is (was). How can this be? He graduated high school in 1968 for gosh sake! I tell him, if he would watch something besides the O’Reilly Factor, he might learn information that is useful in the world!

  4. On a totally different note – where do you find such cool backgrounds? Does typepad offer those? I haven’t looked in ages but your blog keeps changing and looking so pretty!

  5. I walk around with a knot in my stomach all the time now. At the stupid things we are worried about. At the massive things we are still in denial about. I heard Olberman talk about the school and thought of you.

  6. Cool! You should send Keith an email and see if he wants to interview you. You’d be a voice of reason and compassion, and you’d get to stare at him in person. Win-win!

  7. He is Bert’s tv boyfriend too!
    I have been following the whole thing. Mal is hoping to write an opinion piece about it for the high school newspaper, she is waiting for advisor approval.

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