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The Challenges of a Long Day

This week I dropped a nice little chunk of weight, to my pleased surprise, and that also meant adjusting to fewer daily points in Weight Watchers Flex Plan. Now, there are additional Weekly points and you can earn more points for activity, but the daily points are the baseline. I tend to eat the Activity points I earn (you have to use them on the same day), but try to steer clear of using too many of the 35 weekly points (which you may use in whatever quantity on whichever day). I’m not sure about the math/science portion of this transaction. Should I be eating those weekly points spread out evenly? Not sure.

Today was a very long day. I left the house at 8:10 and worked pretty much straight through to 8:45 this evening, then drove home, arriving at 9:30. I did come home and eat a lunch that had both a hot component and a decent-sized salad. I then packed peanut butter and jelly on a bagel to take with me, knowing (1) I had gotten my five fruit and vegetable servings already, and  (2) I would be in the car a lot in the late afternoon and a bagel would be easy to eat on the road.

Now, at 9:30, this road-weary bird with a minor lingering headache could certainly have been at risk of making unwise choices. I had already used my daily points and .5 of a weekly point. What could I eat that would be satisfying and binge-proof and light on points? My day already included a chewy granola bar and a 100 calories packet of itty bitty graham crisps. It didn’t seem like even a 2 point sweet item would be a great idea, though that is where the mind runs at a late hour on a tiring day.

Then I remembered them.

In what we like to call our Zans for Cans, I had two cans of Progresso Light Italian-Style Vegetable soup. I’m not a huge fan of canned soup, but this one, if you stick to one serving, counts as 0 points.


Yes, it’s true. The soup is fat free and high enough in fiber (that’s the formula they’re using to calculate the points) to count as 0, if you stick to one serving (one cup, in this case). Also, it turns out it tastes good.

So, my late night snackage:
1 cup Progresso Light Italian-Style Vegetable Soup            0 points
5 cups 94% Fat Free Microwave Popcorn                                        1 point

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  1. Popcorn’s great! It’s one of my two secret weapons for filling up without overdoing the calories.
    By the way, your face looks more slender in your new blog photo. 🙂

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