St. Elsewhere Stream of Consciousness

(or random thoughts while watching the first Season One DVD)

  • Luther!!!!
  • Oh, Morrison. So tall. So pitiful. What was his wife’s name? Such a sad sack.
  • Denzel Washington, is this where I first saw him? He’s so young. When was this show on?
  • 1982. I am so old.
  • Did men really wear their pants that high in 1982?
  • And did people really smoke in hospitals?
  • And is that what hospitals looked like?
  • Bridget Loves Bernie! With VD!!
  • Howie Mandel! With hair!
  • Nurse Shirley Daniels! So scary! (Ellen Bry has a child at Hiptastic University!)
  • Where is my John Adams?
  • I love the one where Mark and Ellen go to a medical conference and they’re in front of Independence Hall and there is a line about how it’s hot as hell in Philadelphia.
  • I am not just old, I’m geeky.
  • Speaking of geeky…Victor Ehrlich.
  • Has there ever been a match more made in TV heaven than William Daniels and Ed Begley, Jr.?
  • Luther!!!!
  • Okay, that’s a PATIENT smoking in the hospital, and he’s Tim Robbins!
  • Morrison, Morrison, Morrison. I know he’s a terrorist, but you really can’t choke the patients. They frown on it.
  • Cathy Martin. So creepy.
  • Peter White. Ditto.
  • Who is that psychiatrist? I definitely didn’t watch this show in the first season.
  • Jackie Wade! You grew up to be a judge on The Best Damn Show on Television!!
  • I wonder if Lisa V. watched St. Elsewhere.
  • Nina Morrison. I remember her, but she was dead already. And then Morrison married Nancy from thirtysomething, only she was not so awesome as Nancy. Patty Wettig, that’s her name.
  • What is Laraine Newman doing on this show?
  • Nurse Lucy under a face mask!
  • Luther!!! (HE grew up to be a director on Lost.)
  • I’m SO geeky.
  • Hey, it’s the MTM kitten! In scrubs!!!

19 thoughts on “St. Elsewhere Stream of Consciousness”

  1. I loved St. Elsewhere, but had forgotten about them all. Then I went on to ER, but forgot that last year for Grey’s Anatomy. . . .fickle me!!

  2. Oh I remember this show being such a favorite back then… matter of fact, I was in nursing school at the time, and yet, I could only vaguely summon up many of the people of whom you speak! ACK! Where did my mind go? I do remember Howie Mandel and the glove trick.

  3. I loved this show…watched it all through medical school. We used to stop studying to watch this and to watch MASH.
    And now, 20+ years later….I have never watched Grey’s Anatomy, House or Scrubs and haven’t seen ER in about 9 years.

  4. I looooved this show. Such happy memories! Must get the DVD’s. And watch…er…sometime!
    Do you know, when I need a lift I come over to see you? thanks for being here.
    love ya

  5. I totally watched St. Elswewhere. I loved it. I think it was probably one of the best series finales ever.
    We need to meet somewhere and sit in a hotel with a pile of DVDs- Homocide, St. Elsewhere, the first season of Twin Peaks…

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