Church Life, Don't Let's Call It a Diet

Favorite Moments of the Morning

1) I said these words: "I twisted and turned, I pondered and puzzled, and I asked for advice I did not take."

There seemed to be no reaction to this, and I prepared to move on, until someone laughed out loud and a ripple of appreciative laughter spread throughout the congregation.

2) As I stood shaking hands, someone asked, "Has anyone ever told you you’re good fertilizer?"

3) At coffee, she made sure I knew it was a compliment.

4) I noticed my brand new pantyhose are bagging at the ankles and realized the problem: the size is too big!

How was your Sunday morning?

14 thoughts on “Favorite Moments of the Morning”

  1. I love that line. I’m glad they did, too.
    That’s a backward compliment, but I’ll take whatever kind I can get!
    Congrats on your progress with weight loss. You are doing such a great job.
    Sounds like you are having a doggone pretty good day!

  2. How was my Sunday morning? The bad news: the dog got into the squash bars. The good news: he did not eat all of them and did not get sick. The bad news: discovered dryer exhaust hose had been disconnected (by the dog) for about 3 weeks which included several houseguests doing laundry. The good news: found the duct tape and Onkel Hankie Pants fixed it. The bad news: as my last house guest was leaving, the dog sneaked out with her and raced away. The good news: in only about 20 minutes, with the aid of said house guest and some neighbors, dog was recaptured; he had basically stayed on the block and had not run the block to Rte 1. The bad news: in crating him so we could go to church he tripped up Onkel H. and brought him to the floor. The good news: no permanent injury and we were not drastically late for church. After that, the day has gone quite well! Hold your thumbs for Onkel Hankie Pants who is in South City by the Sea auditioning for a show.

  3. Honestly, I did not notice any delay in the laughter! You are appreciated and I wish you didn’t have to leave us…

  4. yay! for panty hose that are becoming too big! one day this week I looked and discovered that I had a huge run. different problem.
    and I liked that line too.

  5. Yay baggy panty hose. That’s when you know it’s all really working. When things fall off your body in addition to your flesh.
    Fertilizer? That’s actually a nice back handed compliment. Much better than being told you’re full of fertilizer. Wish I’d been at your church Sunday. Our sermon was a snoozer.

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