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A Gift

The past two days a lot of people came in and out of my study. I met with a bereaved son, conducted the service for his father, met a young couple who might want to be married at the church, had lunch with the chair of the Search Committee, visited with a number of church leaders who just dropped by, talked at length with my administrator, wrote a bulletin and a service, created a survey form, met with a women’s group and a committee, discussed an upcoming congregational meeting and its impact on the schedule for our planned Stewardship campaign programs, registered for interim training, received the coordinator of the NAMI chapter that meets at our church and the young man from the Red Cross chapter that holds its blood drives in our Vestry, answered a phone call from a stained glass company and other things I either can’t describe or can’t quite remember.

It was a lot of what I call "face time" in a two-day period.

As I began to pack up this afternoon, I heard a rap on my study door, and with a carefully veiled sigh, I went to open it.

It was one of our Trustees, and he came bearing raspberries. God bless him, he came bearing raspberries, just picked off the bushes at his house. He came bearing little reminders of summer, as fresh as they could be, firm and fragrant.

Let’s just say they didn’t make it home with me. Instead they filled the gap created by a little stress and a late lunchtime not yet come and a long car ride home. While I ate them, I admired the autumn colors alongside the highway.

They were delicious.

(Also, only 1 point for 1 and 3/4 cups, amazing!)

10 thoughts on “A Gift”

  1. Oh, raspberries. I remember the first time I really appreciated them. My grandmother had been to “the farm” once owned by her parents and had brought back gobs and gobs of them. She let me eat a whole bowl of them with real cream and a little sugar. (Not on any diet plan!) I asked her if she liked them and she said that the seeds felt bad on her dentures. Kind of like chewing on aluminum foil. Now 35 years later I can almost taste those berries in my memory. And boy, do I wish I had been in your passenger seat this afternoon.

  2. Wow! What a couple of days! Being a borderline introvert/extrovert, I never know how those days of “face time” will affect me. Sometimes they invigorate me, sometimes they exhaust me. I’m glad you had a nice surprise at the end, though.

  3. oh, I love when people do that!
    I could really use some right now…where are the goodies from the endless stream of people traipsing in and out of my work days right now? You are a lucky duck, SB!

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