Late Night Pet Update

I called the vet, where Baby the Peeing Cat was already spending the day having a tooth cleaning and (as it turned out) THREE extractions, and they agreed to squeeze in our Molly for an office visit.  Dr. S felt there was no injury and therefore no need for an x-ray, but rather that this is an escalation of the arthritis in Molly’s left elbow. We decided to try a week of Tramadol, which supposedly will not make her dopey. Dr. S suggested that instead of continuing to rest her, which has not shown an improvement, we walk her tomorrow and see how she does. If she gets better over the course of the walk: more walking. If not: very short frequent walks until she shows improvement.

Naturally, once we got to the vet, Molly acted like her usual friendly, happy self, even trying to put her paws up on the counter to get a treat. Sigh. Anyone who has ever taken a feverish child to the pediatrician will know what I mean.

So, I am facing three days alone (The Princess is going with her whole class to Leadership Camp tomorrow morning) with two pets on meds, including a cat who will not come out from under my bed. I have her medicine ready if she does. But I’m concerned about the odds of being able to pill her by myself. Anyone who has ever pilled a cat will know what I mean.

9 thoughts on “Late Night Pet Update”

  1. I have no idea what you mean. Kitties are very easy to pill. It’s simple. Just say, “hey I’m going to give you a pill.” And then they run and hide. I think that all the vet wants is for us to practice running and hiding. Cause running and hiding makes kitties get better.
    I hope all your animals get better.

  2. Maybe you can just let LMK come over and handle all the animal care!
    I have to sit on my cat to pill him–kneel down on the floor, sitting on my heels, and put him between my thighs. It’s not pretty.

  3. I have a cool doo-dad called a “pet piller.” It shoots the pill down the cat’s throat. Some cats, it works. some cats, no.
    wish I could come over and hold Baby for you…

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