Monday Semi-Holiday

It amuses me to use Miscellaneous as a blogging category, because it points up how many of my days fall into the "pudding without a theme" classification.

I call it a semi-holiday because while we slept in (The Princess is still sleeping, in fact.) and are in no rush this morning, I must attend a meeting with the Trustees this evening, requiring the donning of my game face. It’s a week heavy on meetings, three of which are in conflict with each other on Wednesday. I have not yet determined how to be in Old Mill Town, City By the Sea and Far-Off Village Where Interim Ministers Meet for meetings at 9, 11 and 10 on the same morning. I’ll be in Old Mill Town, discussing church activities and a possible mission fundraiser with the Women’s Fellowship, since I meet with the church’s Mission Committee later on the same day.

Another reminder that this is a work day for some: our beloved dog walker arrived for Molly and Sam at the usual time. This is one of those Monday Holidays that is not a slam-dunk for the entire world, and she spends the whole day juggling dogs whose people have to work with dogs whose people are away and remembering not to go to dogs whose people are home (or going to dogs whose people are, in my case, and I was not sorry to see her, not one little bit).

Meanwhile, I have some goals for this day.

While The Princess continues her enchanted rest, I will:

  • fold towels
  • look at next Sunday’s lectionary
  • put in some laundry
  • look ahead at texts for the next few weeks and see how they tie in with Stewardship (marginally, as it turns out, but that won’t stop us)
  • fold more laundry (there will be even more to come, however)
  • write a skit for next Sunday having to do with Time and Talent, to include our Wednesday Wizards (retired gents who volunteer around the church every week) and a tall ladder symbolizing our Stewardship theme, The Year of the Stre-e-e-etch.

Later we must:

  • buy proper rain gear for The Princess, who is going with the 7th grade to a leadership camp Wednesday through Friday
  • peruse the blue jeans at a store for big gals that, unbelievably and supposedly, carries petite lengths — not so much now that I’ve paid for all the very successful shopping for The Princess. Maybe next week.
  • celebrate in a small way that my jeans are too loose at the same time imagining a day when I won’t shop at the store for big gals (did this, nevertheless)
  • take the dogs out again before I leave for work and make a walk with Sam my exercise for the day (as my knee and the Health Rider are still not on speaking terms, but walking seems to be okay) Well, kind of. Sam and I went. Molly is horribly lame and I’m debating what to do with her.

Meanwhile, I ponder my future. Discernment goes on, in the midst of the Miscellaneous.This house now feels big instead of just right. What will my next job be, and when will it be time to go there? What, really, does God have in store for me? I have some hints, but many things need to happen first before anything will feel assured.

What are you doing today?

21 thoughts on “Monday Semi-Holiday”

  1. I am just working. I love your list and you are getting so much accomplished.
    Stop worrying about where you buy your clothes. You are smaller and you are beautiful.
    And I LOVE the pic of you up there!

  2. I love your pic. I have been nervous about putting one of my up, for a lot of reasons. Also, love your newspaper columns.
    You are inspirational in your commitment to healthy eating/living.
    I know what you mean about petite sizes, though. Just was looking at jeans the other day and couldn’t find any short enough.

  3. It’s my regular day off, and I always feel a little bit cheated out of an extra day when it’s a Monday holiday. (My boss says ‘take comp time’ which is just about impossible to do).
    But I slept in til almost nine (VERY late for me) and the Kid is still sleeping–he has tomorrow off, too, so it is a nice long weekend for him. Later we need to look for new jeans for him, and do assorted other errands and do some laundry. The usual, I guess.
    And good luck with the discernment… being in that place can be so scary and yet so exciting.

  4. You’ve gone sort of blue-greenish. Are we no longer in love with teh purple?
    You are getting a lot done. We have work and school here today, so it is just a regular Monday.
    Is there such a thing as proper rain gear for 7th graders?

  5. I honestly did not know what Holiday you are talking about and had to look at a calendar. That is how much of a non-event it is down here.
    I am working, Miss Teen is in exam week at school and tech week for a show, and the laundry is still overflowing. Yuck.
    And your new picture definitely shows the weight loss.

  6. I don’t know, KathyR, but the guy who came to the school to give information about the camp told us they go outside, rain or snow or shine. Her raingear is inadequate to that task. She tells me she will not wear rain pants, so I’m going to look for a longish slicker big enough to accommodate a sweater.
    I will always love teh purple, but I’m pretty tickled with how much Pure Luck liked that picture, and I wanted to color coordinate. I’m like that.

  7. Yeah, no holiday here either…except for the schools, trash man, Domestic Goddess (her kids are out of school) and mailman.
    Ah well. Hope you enjoy!

  8. No holiday here. Except the USPS.
    I’m puttering at home, until I go over to church later to do a few hours’ work, then go to the hospital at 4:00 when a much beloved parishioner is having a double mastectomy.
    I give the new jeans fit system of the Big Gal’s store a big thumbs up! Hopefully you will be as lucky as I was.

  9. Dangit! The Trash Man did NOT take a holiday (why!?) and now I have to put 2 weeks’ worth of trash and recycling into the already full bins!
    I know you were dying to know this….anyway I just needed to Grrrrrr….

  10. I am at the beach waiting for my husband to arrive. He had to work this weekend and is coming for the last evening. The weather is beautiful here. Absolutely gorgeous – in the 80s. Took a walk to the beach today and saw a friend I work with.
    Tomorrow we go back home.
    I do believe all the pieces will fall into place when it is time. And wherever that may be, they have a real gift in store.

  11. No holiday here (other than mail). I spent my morning being poked and probed by my doc, whom I hadn’t seen in 5 years. It was a physical, scheduled at his request. He wants me to get one every year. Yeah, right!

  12. Aside from my son being home from school for Columbus day, it’s a day like many others:
    Cat chores,
    Pick up hemmed pants
    Get gas
    Get groceries,
    Put groceries away,
    return cat dish that didn’t work for my mom’s cat
    Do more laundry,
    Work for boss who pays me to work,
    Make work phone calls,
    Arrange play date for son
    Do more laundry
    Review credit card bill
    Pass out
    Pay credit card bill.
    Take son to piano lesson
    Come home, make dinner.
    Like that.

  13. It is so nice to see your picture. I haven’t wanted mine up, except for one when I was three years old–back then I wasn’t fat! Discernment is difficult. . . be patient and gentle with yourself as you wait upon God.

  14. *Sleep late (8:15)
    *Greet Domestic Goddess (yesss!)
    *Go to office even though said office is closed for holiday
    *start to clear off desk
    *greet board member who dropped by even though office is closed
    *meet with board member for 1 hour
    *answer three lo-o-o-ng phone calls because we don’t have caller ID and too many people now have my direct dial
    *turn off phone – duh
    *clear desk for several hours
    *realize I have not had lunch and it’s 3 PM
    *call home and comfort small boy with big headache
    *enter clean house (yesss!!)
    *hug small boy, hug daughter who turned 18 yesterday, hug garden girl, hug mother-in-law, pet dogs
    *wonder why I spent day in office
    *remember clean desk – duh
    *eat Indian food with family and stay within diet guidelines (yesss!!)
    *read Songbird’s blog
    *send virtual hug ((Songbird))
    *wish Songbird had been here for dinner

  15. Oh, childhood friend, me, too! Good for you for staying within the guidelines!
    Kievas, I find by changing doctors you can avoid it longer, but I wouldn’t advise that strategy.
    I enjoyed hearing about all your days. I never wrote the skit, but I now have a deadline for its preparation and that helps. I don’t mind deferring the jeans a bit longer; there is a certain joy in wearing the loose ones.
    I’m home from church and getting ready to watch “Heroes,” yay!

  16. Oh Wow, you are getting so much done! And the new look, including the pic, is wonderful!!
    Peace of the paw and healing prayers for Molly.

  17. Oh, I would have loved a semi holiday yesterday…but there we go. None here from late August till Christmas. So, I had Morning Prayer, wrote some prayers for a funeral, lunchtime meeting with new diocesan children’s advisor (who is very good news) big big funeral, hospital visit to little old lady with broken hip, Eve Prayer and Eucharist and then time online counselling very troubled lass…Hoped for an early night, but sadly not this time. And today it is RAINING and I’m still deaf. Waah.
    You did lots and lots – and loose jeans are a real achievement (actually, I’ve not dared to wear jeans at all for a while, so am rather admiring of that in itself).

  18. I felt like I was the only person working yesterday, and was thrilled that two of my editors replied to my e-mails. I wasn’t alone after all (despite working from home).
    But I want to find out what happened to Miss Molly and how she’s feeling today. Seriously, when you say Sam’s going for the walk and not Molly, I know something’s not right in Doggie Land. I hope she’s much improved today!

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