Friday Five: Thankfulness List

As posted at RevGalBlogPals by Mary Beth (thanks, MB!):

This one is going to be veeeery simple:  List at least five things (people, places, graces, miracles…) for which you are thankful.  You may elaborate as you wish, or keep it simple.

Here we go, then–

1. My children, and the wonderful people they are and are becoming

2. My husband, who after five years of marriage continues to grow on me 😉

3. My work, which I enjoy and marvel at most days

4. Music, both performed and received, a cord binding me to the creativity of the Divine

5. This day, ordinary enough, which offers opportunity for love to be expressed, nature to be enjoyed, dogs and cats to be petted and thankfulness to be acknowledged!

20 thoughts on “Friday Five: Thankfulness List”

  1. Great play! I love number two. Hubbie and I have been amrried 5 years and we make the “growing on us” comment a lot. (Although I often add “but so does fungus”) Thanks for the comment!

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