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100 Miles Per Hour

I know this about myself:
I tend to go 100 miles per hour.

One of the difficulties I have created for myself in the past is trying too hard at exercise and finding, shockingly, that I am injured.

I have been trying very hard not to do that this time around. All summer long I made a point of walking at a pace I could actually handle, pushing gently on the edges as my fitness improved.
But we are in a different phase of life now, with dark falling earlier and my personal trainer stationed far, far away in a Mitten-Shaped State.  I turned, as I have mentioned, to the Health Rider. I worked my way up to staying on it for 20 minutes, gradually.

Then, I started to get good at it, working up a sweat, feeling rather triumphant. And that’s when I made my first mistake. I began to pay attention to the number of reps I was doing in my 20 minutes. And urging myself to add to them. And doing it too fast.

Night before last, at around 15 minutes, my left knee made a comment.

"Doggoneit," replied my competitively-wired brain.
I continued for the next five minutes, with that foot on the floor for part of the time.

Last night, I used the elliptical instead, then thought I might try to do ten minutes on the Health Rider.

About five minutes in, my left knee winced.

I get the message.

At least I hope I do.

I’ll stick to the elliptical, remembering that I managed to throw myself out of whack on that machine in the not-so-distant past. I’m trying not to get discouraged, though it is tempting to fly down that road at 100 miles per hour.

15 thoughts on “100 Miles Per Hour”

  1. I did the same thing last week when I tried to work in some intervals by increasing the incline on the tredmill. A comobo of ice, naproxen, and easing back a bit seems to have done the trick and I’ll be back at the gym this afternoon.
    You’re doing so well. I’m glad you can make yourself go the speed limit.
    (Songbird’s knee)

  2. Karlassi –
    A Health Rider is somewhat similar to a Dark Rider in that it inspires fear wherever it appears, but these are not sent forth from Mordor by the Dark Lord Sauron, but hie rather from California where they are dispatched by the Gay Lord Richard Simmons. They seek out those with rings of extra weight about the middle and when they catch up to them they steal their breath and cause them pain, by making them do vigorous exercise.
    Hope that clears that up.

  3. Pure Luck, you are teh Funny.
    patti, I did rest it today, no exercise machines and only gentle walks with dogs except for the exciting moment when Molly began running around the back of the house across the street. She ran fast, but soon stopped, thank goodness.

  4. Love it. Be careful on that elliptical too. I had a friend hurt her knee by using it backward. (see what we make up to do to ourselves!?) Slow and steady wins…you know.

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