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Pure Luck works around the same time frame every fall, with the result that we have only celebrated his birthday in person once, about four years ago.

So, last night we’re chatting on Google, and I type: "How’s my Birthday Man?"

And he types back: "Well it is your day before his birthday man actually."

Um. Whoops?

Tell me the truth, when the last number of a person’s birth year and the number of his birthday are practically the same, isn’t it possible a person could be confused? Especially when the person is away on his birthday nearly every year? And always says he doesn’t want a fuss?

And isn’t the mistake mitigated by the early arrival of 3 dozen home-baked Toll House cookies, made by wife and stepdaughter (and not a single one sampled by wife) and express mailed to get their while still fresh and delicious?

I asked these questions, gentle readers.

And Day Before His Birthday Man replied: You have now accumulated a guilt point for misremembering an important date and I can cash that in later.

Songbird: Hey, at least I was early!

DBHBM: I will look at you with eyes full of sadness and say in a tone of extreme disappointment. "Yes, Songbird, but remember you forgot MY BIRTHDAY."

Songbird: But I didn’t forget! I just moved it up a day!

DBHBM: It is like emotional currency.

Sigh. I suppose it is.

Well, Happy Birthday, Birthday Man! Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. Enjoy the cookies!

12 thoughts on “Whoops!”

  1. Let grace abound…but then again, who doesn’t keep track of relationship screw-up savings accounts? Family, spouses, friends…at some level, don’t we all do this?

  2. Isn’t this why we old time Athers started with the whole Birthweek thing? I know it makes it easier when everyone in my family forgets my birthday (same date each year, folks!) or decides to postpone it to a more convenient (to them) date.
    The upside: Everyone knows you don’t age in the years people miss your birthday.

  3. I can’t remember the LH’s b’day either…. it’s either Feb 2 or Feb 3. So we celebrate BOTH. And every year he’s surprised that we celebrate Groundhog’s Day. So it must be the 3rd, right?? Or maybe it’s the 4th….

  4. My father lost one his thumbs as a small child. The joke is that when he proposed to my mother she said- “What day?” He held up his hands with fingers splayed. He was there on the 9th, she showed up a day later.
    Actually, they were happily married on the 9th, we celebrate our anniversary on the next day. My hubby has ten digits!

  5. Due to my pathetic memory skills, we have celebrated J’s birthday for a week, two years in a row, because I have forgotten! It’s really quite pathetic since we are always away on vacation together. Luckily, it’s only a week!

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