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In Case You Wondered

I did pay attention to my own sermon.

After three weeks without a full day off, I am sitting at home figuring out how to use my Mukka Express Cappuccino Maker.

By the time I make and pour out the first three cups, as instructed, and finally get my own cup to drink, it may be time to leave for the facial I just scheduled. Meanwhile, I’m finishing a novel. While a pair of socks for will smama lies blocking on a towel.

After that, making cookies with The Princess, which we will ship to our menfolk, far away.

Later, exercise and "Heroes." And possibly a little knitting.

8 thoughts on “In Case You Wondered”

  1. I learned a lot brewing the first cup.
    First, there is a big noise. Then, in a shorter time than they suggest in the instructions, there is an explosion of froth.
    Next, you move quickly.
    Then you pour it out and wash all the pieces.
    Later, rinse, repeat. And again.

  2. Oh, I have been very curious about those little machines. I will look forward to hearing about how it satisfies.
    Your day sounds very nice indeed. And have you seen the season premiere yet? or are you talking about 2×02?

  3. I did watch the season premiere, a couple of days late. Since I watched Season One all in a bunch on DVD with Pure Luck, I felt a bit gloomy starting Season Two without him. I may DVR it and watch later, it depends on whether he gets to watch it tonight. He’s renting a room in a house, and if the housemate is out, he might get to watch it on the big screen TV. Otherwise, he’ll be downloading it tomorrow. Was that TMI?

  4. Well done on managing to find recreating things to do with your day off – and congratulations on the very charming cappuchino maker (especially the nil points element 🙂 )
    I’ve run out of fiction, which is rather sad as I’ve kind of taken a semi sick day today (lost voice, deaf in one ear, boring cough) so could have done with something utterly idle to curl up with.
    And that’s definitely TMI…this is YOUR blog…shsh Kathryn…leave Songbird to enjoy her cappuchino in peace. xx

  5. No, not TMI at all; it is actually the sort of reply that I would make (and then accuse myself of babbling).
    But even with a show like Heroes (as opposed to a Kieslowski film) there’s this intimacy in seeing it together; and yet, when one can’t have that, the manner in which one DOES see the show is somehow important to define/maintain.
    That’s probably TMI, but I’m hoping you’ll get it.

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