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Ah, coffee

Herewith, a pictorial post:

Waiting on the Mukka

Welcome to Songbird’s kitchen, where we await Cup #4, the first drinkable cup from the adorable MukkaExpress. 

It froths

It works! Amazing!!

Cappuccino happens

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be busy drinking my cappuccino now.


(3/4 cup skim milk–1,5 points; 1/2 tsp sugar, 0 points; espresso, also nada–and well worth the effort.)

13 thoughts on “Ah, coffee”

  1. I covet your Mukka. I have a stovetop espresso thingy that I bought after I got home from Italy last fall and was determined to repeat my coffee experiences there stateside. But I have to steam my own milk separately if I want a latte. Yours is much cooler (and cuter!).

  2. I just made my first latte, unintentionally (didn’t quite push down the button that summons the froth), so I’ll let you know how that is, too. Cooked a little more milk onto the pot than would be ideal, that’s certain.

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