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On the Mountain

I’m up in the mountains for the annual meeting of the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ. My work as nominating committee chair is done, and my report made, so the rest is listening and visiting and knitting and networking. I’m excited to have met one of my blog readers in person for the first time–shout out to Becky! She is knitting an impressive pair of socks on Size One needles.

My perennial roommate, The Wise Cellist, and I had a drink after the evening’s session and chatted with RevFun and Pastor Peters, among others. Now we have retreated to our room and an edition of Nightline about the Hallelujah Diet, supposedly drawn from Genesis. Huh?

I’ve been tickled to hear comments from a number of people about how well I look. While I know there is a long way to go, it feels good to, well, to feel good and to have other people notice it.

The drive here was gorgeous! Sometimes I wish we lived in the mountains. Maybe someday.

I’ll be home tomorrow night. Hope you’re having a good weekend, too.

6 thoughts on “On the Mountain”

  1. Another beautiful weekend in NE. Can’t ask for anything more really. I wish I were in the mountains too!

  2. Oh squeal! How fun to be named!! It was nice to see you in person–I am cooking up a potential hat knitting mission for June’s meeting unless I get swallowed by school stuff and forget. So we might get to knit more. Together.
    And I really liked your most recent post about not sacrificing but serving–we teachers struggle with the same issue, though without Jesus getting mixed in so much!
    I could use a snow day tomorrow, which I doubt I will be getting, so I need to go to bed. Annual Meeting is great but it sure do take a lot outta you!

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