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Nearly two seasons after her character’s demise on the hit series 24, Reiko Aylesworth becomes the latest addition to the ER franchise.  According to TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello, the actress has signed on as part of the medical drama’s 14th season.

Reiko Aylesworth became a household name as the tough and stoic Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) agent and eventual boss, Michelle Dessler for four seasons of 24.   She will next play the new chaplain of County General on the long-running and multi-awarded ER.

ReikoaylesworthThough tasked with administering to the spiritual needs of the patients, doctors and staff of the hospital, Aylesworth’s character won’t be hiding beneath a habit or bound by dogmatic laws on romance and celibacy.  ER’s new preacher will be permitted to lead a normal life including the use of provocative attire and the freedom to engage in the nuisances of modern dating.  She is poised to provide color to the romantic life of John Stamos’ Dr. Tony Gates character.

RevGals, we’ve been saying it for years: where are the chaplains at County General? But Reiko Aylesworth?

Granted, she was beautifully tough and smart, mostly, on 24.

Who would you choose to play a chaplain on ER? Particularly one who gets to, um, pray with Blackie Parrish?


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  1. HOly Cow! You know, I wrote them a letter about 6 or 7 years ago saying they needed a chaplain. I’m so happy. Here’s praying that she’s a normal chaplain and not a freak show.

  2. I stopped watching ER during my cpe residency when it was too much like what I had just came from. I always wondered too, “where’s the chaplain?!?” Perhaps it’s worth tuning in to see what sort of chaplain they have her play. But then again it’s Hollywood, and they want ratings. Boy, do I sound cynical.

  3. I rarely watched 24. I have often watched ER, albeit more like an addiction than a real interest…I guess we’ll see what she brings. I fear more inappropriate stuff than we’d like since that tends to stand in for “normal”…instead of the more likely normal wrestling with issues and responses that we’d actually face and do….sigh…

  4. I adored her character in 24 and was heartbroken when she was written out of the series. She was tough and feminine at the same time. I haven’t watched ER for years, but will tune in to see how they deal with a chaplain that is a real person.

  5. And even if you’re not a RevGal, tell the truth: did you love John Stamos when he was a young thing on General Hospital? Did he accidentally kill his girlfriend? The character, I mean. I seem to remember that.

  6. Wooh hoo :-)I wonder how long it will be before that series (number what??) makes it to the UK…
    The schedulers are very mean, and always put it on way too late at night – so I have to remember to (ask a child to) set the VCR, and don’t always manage( nor indeed to find time to watch what has been recorded) but with a chaplain at last…it might prove irresistible.

  7. I never watched GH…I scheduled my college classes around Days of Our Lives instead. Missed John Stamos, but oh, that Peter Reckell (Bo). (Who is still on there, playing the same character…!)
    I’ve never watched 24, and haven’t watched ER in a while…maybe I will start again. When’s it on?

  8. What do you bet they kill her off or turn her into an athiest before the end of the season? I just don’t know if they can handle an actual pastor. Hmmm…
    Whatever they do, I just hope she isn’t inept.

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