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Sunday Snippets

  • I’ve had a lot to do this weekend. There is one thing left. I am out of steam.
  • Snowman visited this church today. Let’s just say it wasn’t his cup of tea: musically, theologically or personally. I encouraged him to get off the bus at the Methodist church next time.
  • This afternoon The Princess did her homework. I did not complete my task.
  • Pure Luck went to a gym in the Mitten-Shaped state. If he has a day off, why shouldn’t he be able to come home? Oh, it’s 13 hours by car. That might be why. I told you, I’m out of steam.
  • Would someone come over and help me pick up the 73 pairs of shoes The Princess and I have scattered all over the house?

15 thoughts on “Sunday Snippets”

  1. The Lutherans are nice, too. And they had good music, back in the day. Wait, if Pure Luck is in a mitten shaped state, why isn’t he visiting? Is there more than one mitten shaped state?

  2. He is in a far corner of the Mitten-Shaped State, practically in Why-O-Why-O instead. And he’s working six days a week, soon to be 12 hours a day. With a 4-5 mile trip one way, chances are there won’t be a visit, especially since his day off does not coincide with Snowman’s. Sigh.

  3. Holy … holy … ah … I can’t think of the adjective that applies here. Someone … I mean a UCC pastor whom I respect recommended a United Methodist Church … hold on .. Get the bishop on the line … Oh my goodness, has anyone checked .. are there descending angels in the clouds … this could be it … Thank you Jesus!

  4. I tried to slug through one of my dmin papers today between services. I couldn’t write one coherent sentence. Must be I’m running out of steam, too.

  5. Actually that would be a 4-5 hour drive to see the Snowman from where I am (it is one big mitten), and since he dismissed his own mother (carried him in the womb for nine months, gave birth to him etc.) I cannot realistically expect a warmer reception. If he were in Detroit or Toledo it would be a different story.

  6. Oh friend, I’d be there in a heartbeat if I could. I’m trying to do the Samantha bewitched thing with my nose to get those shoes put away. Let me know if it works… 🙂

  7. It must be shoe day on the continent! I unpacked my mom’s shoes today and placed them oh so decorously in her new apartment closet. If only we had the “beam me up Scotty” technology, I would do the same for you Songbird.

  8. We tried a shoe basket by the door. Guess what, then every one our shoes’ home became the basket. As in, the shoe closet moved downstairs. No more basket!
    We tend to fall over shoes in the dark a lot, too. Courtesy of the dogs, who move them from where we have set them “sort of” out of the way to the middle of the hall.

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