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Weighing In

Because of my personal and work schedule the past couple of weeks, I
haven’t been to my usual Weight Watchers meeting, or been able to stay for a class,
but this morning I got to one. In the past
two and a half weeks, despite travel, saying goodbye to Snowman, no days off, Pure Luck’s
departure for work and the various losses I’ve been contemplating, I have also lost more weight. Although I would have liked to be with "my" group to say it, I
was happy to share that I had met and passed my 10% goal!!! I got the brass keychain (a prize for hitting 10%).

Also, even though she never met me before this morning, when she saw my
eyes well up with tears of joy after the weigh-in, she hugged me. Nice woman!

I’ve done this by tracking religiously and making activity part of my
life most days and drinking my water and working hard on the five
fruit/vegetable servings every day.  When I have an emotional day —
and yesterday would be a perfect example — I eat things that I can
count and track, and I move on the next day. I was hungry and a little sad on the way home at midday, for instance, and I stopped at a convenience store where I chose the 4 points worth of Fig Newtons over the many, many other choices that had the potential to feel, if not be, catastrophic.

There is a huge difference in how I feel and look at the 10% mark. I’m
now setting some short term goals: another 10%, and an intermediate
number that I weighed in the summer of 2001, the least I have weighed
in the past 10 years. I’ve determined a reward for reaching that 2001
weight (new lingerie!), and I would imagine by the time I reach the
next 10% it will be time for some new clothes.

Meanwhile, as soon as fall really hits, I’ll be wearing things I bought
five years ago that have been tight and way-too-tight pretty much ever
since I started working in parish ministry and stopped taking care of
myself. Some of the clothes are loose now, while others will actually
fit and look good for a while.

This 10% celebration will be a pedicure! I’m calling to make the appointment now.

29 thoughts on “Weighing In”

  1. I am so, so, so happy for you! You go, girl!
    Another note: you said you have struggled with this “ever since I started working in parish ministry and stopped taking care of myself.” Is there a connection here? I have gained the most weight and have done the worst job at caring for myself in the last 10 years – my time in ministry. (2 years as intern, the remaining 8 in my current position) Do we get worse at caring for ourselves when we make caring for others our full-time pursuit?

  2. I don’t know that it’s universal, but it surely was true for me. After several years of going to school part-time with kids in school all day, a phase in which I had generous time to exercise, I became in a few short weeks a newlywed and a full-time pastor. Office hours took the place of a regular date at the gym with a girlfriend. My youngest didn’t start school until 8:45, and my oldest was out at 2:15 and then the carpooling games began. By evening, if I didn’t have a meeting, I was dead to the world. And Pure Luck was working nights when we first married, so if #1 Son was at a play rehearsal (always), I not only had extra driving, I had no back up to cover the younger children.
    Five years makes a big difference in terms of family demands, as children get older, but I was out of the habit of taking care of me. Thank goodness I finally made an appointment for a check-up and got that talking to from my doctor!

  3. Congratulations.
    Perhaps that new lingerie (my husband pronounces that linger-ee) could be gotten at a specialty shop, not the gross kind…the kind with people who really know how to fit a real person. The kind of linger-ee shop that makes you feel good all under and makes lingering an option for fun.

  4. Congratulations! You are such an inspiration for me, as I’m really struggling with this right now (haven’t been to a meeting in over 2-3 weeks).

  5. Super star Songbird. That’s such happy reading…
    And I totally identify with the correlation between beginning ministry (or training for ministry) and giving up on myself. Your description of those early years with Pure Luck and a parish absolutely match my experience – but I’m still going every which way to avoid doing something really focussed about it 🙁

  6. That is fantastic. You must be feeling wonderful about yourself. Hey, while you lost 10% of your body weight, I’ve gained 20% of mine if that makes you feel any better!

  7. But with good reason, Angela!
    My physician is expecting a baby, too, and she encouraged me to lose __ pounds over three months while she tried to gain no more than the same __ pounds. I beat that number by a long shot, but I hope she made her goal.

  8. Yea! Yahoo! Yipppeeeeee! Way to go Songbird! Yes, choosing those Fig Newtons is behaving your way towards your goal. I am so very proud OF you and FOR you. Enjoy the pedicure!!

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