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Not a Clothes Hanger

Healthrider_sport_riderAt the church yard sale last spring, I came home with one of these for $10. It looked ridiculously easy to use, but as it turns out it’s ridiculously hard at first, instead. However, I have conquered it, and am happy to say that I can keep it up for 20 minutes at a time. I’ve been following that with 10 minutes on the elliptical, for a whopping 5 Activity Points.

Fitting in exercise in Pure Luck’s absence will be a challenge. The dogs have been uncooperative the past two afternoons where any sort of energetic walking is concerned. By the time I got home from a church meeting last night, I was too tired to do machines or anything else.

This upset me. I have gotten used to exercising, and I feel sort of icky when I don’t, but there is only so much energy in a day, not to mention only so many hours. I typically feel stressed during Pure Luck’s work assignments, and I am determined to handle this one better than others in terms of caring for myself.

This afternoon I told him, well, as long as I stick to my food plan, I guess I can make up for the exercise later. I was trying to make myself feel better, and he was supportive.


I fear a slippery slope.

So tonight, after an Open House at Renowned Middle School, I forged ahead. Some show about Grey’s Anatomy kept me company. Also something about models. Remind me to bring a DVD to the den next time. TV is depressing.

(This is not my den, by the way. It’s somebody’s eBay image of the same piece of equipment. For which they want $99. I believe I scored.)

9 thoughts on “Not a Clothes Hanger”

  1. I alternate workouts on a treadmill with workouts on a stationary bike. What keeps me going is listening to Irish jigs or ’60s and ’70s rock. I find that I often pick up my pace to match the music. Maybe you can think of some music that would keep you going.
    And yes, you did score!

  2. Oh it is a slippery slope. I’ve not had any time in the last three plus weeks to do my yoga and other exercise. I type now on slowly numbing fingers from my spinal arthritic bone spurs and feel icky indeed. Though I’ve been losing weight lately for some reason.
    Good for you for soldiering on.

  3. $10, not a bad deal.
    We paid full price when hubby convinced me it was a better deal than the treadmill I wanted. Never conquered it.
    About 5 years ago we had to freecycle it (none of our local charity thrift stores will accept them) to make room for the treadmill, which we actually use sometimes.

  4. One small step at a time. You are doing simply fabulously and you are my hero.
    I find that when I tell myself I feel a “slippery slope” coming, it does two things, neither of them good. First and foremost, it reinforces that I am wu’thless, just wu’thless. And if I am wu’thless then there is no hope for me so I might as well eat, which just confirms my worst fears and gives me one more reason to beat up on myself. I struggle with the triteness of “self talk” but I have to do it, sometimes out loud. If I did not get to my exercises today, that doesn’t prove I’m hopeless. It says I’m human and I get to try again tomorrow.
    You are wonderful. Don’t forget!!!

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