The Inner Landscape


I’m sitting in my therapist’s office (we meet once every three weeks or so), and I’m telling her how well I have been coping with our various transitions and how poignant the gospel lesson about loss was in light of Snowman’s departure and our Old Man Cat’s disappearance and some other things, too, and then she says she’s closing her practice in mid-October.

Yep, we’re all about the transitions here.

17 thoughts on “So…”

  1. My shrink is 60-something, although ridiculously young and hot for her age, etc. But I wonder when it is coming.
    Probably you should go back to Kohl’s & get those shoes in red or black or purple or something, too.

  2. That is just one too many. One too many. Golly gee willakers.
    That’s like thinking about dating again. With the hours and hours of *tuning guitar* “getting to know you….getting to know all about you”.
    *Pattin’ you on the back* ((there, there, Songbird, there, there))

  3. aaargh
    Could we just opt out of transitions for a while, do you think? I’m thinking I’ve had enough…and that’s just a stinker! Hugs xx

  4. Therapists are never, ever supposed to go away. At least that’s what I’ve told the therapist who sees me for depression, my spouse for ADHD, and one of our sons for ADHD and depression, and used to see my father-in-law for ADHD. We’re like a three-generation case study under one roof. Just the thought of having to start all over again is tiring.
    Poor Songbird.

  5. Totally sucks about your therapist. Who does she think she is going off like that? Don’t these people know we depend on them and need them aroudn? Just plain sucks.
    I think you should go to Kohl’s and buy a new outfit to go with the shoes!
    I got the sock monkey p.j.’s today and a pair of comfort stretch pants to make me look skinny. I also got two stretchy t-shirts for $6 each. I wish our Kohl’s would open. I lvoe the shoes!!!!

  6. I hear ya. My therapist didn’t come back to work after her vacation in July (personal reasons) and I’ve been reassigned. New Therapist is perfectly lovely, but I had a real bond with my Original Therapist whom I had been seeing for over five years.
    It’s tough. It’s like starting all over again.

  7. what? therapists go away?
    I think my anxiety level just went up about 100 points. And I just saw mine yesterday and won’t again until mid-October. She’d better not retire before then! But you KNOW I’m going to ask her if she’s planning to retire or move anytime soon. Just in case.
    {{{Songbird}}} many prayers for the many transitions.

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