We’re Off!

Yes, we’re off to our usual great start, as is typical when Pure Luck is away. So far our big dog, Sam, has eaten a sock and a paper towel, upchucked both on the rug in Pure Luck’s office, then the next night, in the wee hours, delivered himself of a gigantic pile of poo in the dining room.

How many WW Activity Points can I get for scrubbing the oriental rug?

10 thoughts on “We’re Off!”

  1. ooh, one thing I’m grateful for is that Scout no longer eats or guards socks. yuck. but now she just plays keep away. Still possessive, just switched to a different strategy.

  2. Tell Sam he’s too old to act this way.
    Beatrice, on the other hand, just divested herself of a poopfest during breakfast despite having “done all her bidness” upon awakening and being taken outside.

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