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Molly Gets Into the Act

Dear Molly,

You know how much I love you. You know how much I appreciate the fact that it has literally been at least five years since you peed or poo’d in the house. You know I value the way you run to the back door on the rare occasions that you feel sick to your stomach.

You’re a beautiful girl, and I tell you how beautiful with great frequency.

I don’t even mind that fireworks and thunder upset you. It’s endearing. And when you wake us up to get in bed with us? Adorable.

But darling Molly, when Mama is trying to stretch herself into a longer, leaner posture, with one arm straight up, and one leg in the air, trying to make little circles while pointing her toes, and not quite sure when she is supposed to inhale or exhale, is it NOT the time to come and stand right in front of Mama and give her The Paws of Love.

Next time, just hop onto the sofa. The workout is only 2o minutes. And even if it weren’t, I have to breathe eventually.

Mama Songbird

15 thoughts on “Molly Gets Into the Act”

  1. Oh, yes. I know this routine…sweet Ruby has been known to attempt to “stretch” with me or help me with the ab or arm work out – as if….
    Dog Whisperer says that this is the time to teach the dog who is the “pack” leader…which means taking time out of the work out to be the dominant one…sigh…
    (oh, and well, Ruby is only 50 lbs…while Molly is probably 120…?)…(meaning, it’s easier to be dominant over a 50 lb dog than perhaps one almost 3X her size)…
    Keep it up!

  2. The kitties like to help me bead, sew, do rubber stamping, and scrapbook. Melech finds it necessary to be as close as he can to whatever I am doing.
    Also Mugsy thinks it is cool to watch Momma take a bath and sits on edge of tub to play with bubbles.
    Do you make sock monkeys? I noticed the link. 🙂
    They have flannel sock monkey pj’s at Target there. If it wasn’t so darn hot or I knew I would end up someplace cold one day…
    Who am I kdding? I need to go buy them!!!
    I lvoe sock monkeys!!!

  3. Just socks, 1-4 Grace. That’s a knit-swap link.
    Paws of Love really are sweet. Molly comes right up close, sits on her haunches and gives both paws to the person she feels needs some love. Adorable! But dangerous to dog and mama under last night’s circumstances.

  4. Andrew, my 13 pounds-plus-fluff cat, likes to help out if I exercise at home. He also likes to help out when I read by sitting on the pages so I don’t have to a) hold them open or b) see what’s written there, and when I eat by eating off my plate so I don’t eat too much, and when I do the computer-thing by walking on all the keys and then settling himself down on my lap between tummy and keyboard. Easier said than done since I have a laptop and Andrew is bigger than the computer. good times! I love when they’re helpful….

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