The Interview Meme

Zorra writes:

are your five questions!

1. Whose music was most important to you as a teenager or young adult?
How has that artist’s music had a lasting effect on your life?

Hmmm. I’m not sure there was any one artist or composer who was most important. I enjoyed an eclectic mix: the Beatles, folk music, Elton John, show music and church music, too. I learned to play the guitar because Ruby (aka childhood friend) could, and I wanted to be more like her! (She was very cool.) I went on to write my own folk-y songs, of both a religious and a romantic nature, and let’s just say my literary gifts are better used for sermons.

I guess if I had to pick one group, it would be Peter, Paul and Mary. I loved, and still do, the harmony of their voices and the kinds of songs they sang.

2. What destination in the United States (that you haven’t already
seen) would you most like to visit? What do you imagine a perfect day
there would be like?

I would love to visit Crater Lake. jo(e)’s pictures of her visit there only increased my desire. (And if you read the comments you’ll see it’s a place Pure Luck has visited and loved, so maybe I’ll get there someday.)

3. Tell about a fragrance or aroma that "takes you back" to a
significant event or season in your life.

Sea air takes me back to happy summers at Virginia Beach when I was a very little girl. I loved being at the beach, the informality of our life, the way the air smelled, the sound of the waves…all so beautiful.

4. Remember the type of mother you thought you would be, before you had
children? Do any of the ideas you had in those days bear any
resemblance to the reality of parenting?

I have to say I was not one of those young women who thought much about being a mother. It sort of crept up on me. Once I began thinking about it, I was clear that I wanted to be different from my own mother in a number of ways, although there were things about her parenting that were textbook, in the good sense.

I know I was unprepared for the constant immensity of parenting. I had some notions about how much I would adore my baby, and I did feel that way with #1 Son, but I had no idea how exhausted I could feel. The other times I was prepared!

I did imagine myself living a contented, stay at home mom life in the suburbs, with a Volvo and a golden retriever and a few kids. I got the car right! But not much else. What I’ve learned on the job, something I never saw in my own mother, is the possibility of living one’s own dream or calling and how powerfully positive that can be for one’s children. I’ve also learned that you have to be pretty consciously scrupulous to maintain a relative balance between following your own path and helping them along theirs.

5. With which literary character do you most identify? If that
character came to visit you for a day, what would you do with her/him?

Always Lucy in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe; I feel we would know each other instantly and deeply, like the friend you meet for the first time and feel certain the bond will remain strong. I feel a strong identification with her not just because of her spiritual connectedness but also because of her failures. Surely, we would think a child who had met Aslan in person would be able to avoid the usual schoolgirl pitfalls! I have felt that way about myself: surely this gently raised Christian girl should have been perfect in all areas of life, and yet I was so clearly not. Lucy gives me hope.

Thank you, Zorra, for these questions.

The idea with the meme is that those who play will make up questions for others, but I’m going to limit it to the first two takers. Let me know in the comments if you want to play!

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  1. Like the others, I love your identification with Lucy. That helped me to know you a little better, too. I thought it was cute that you ended up with a Volvo, but also a calling-career with your family. I’m glad you answered those interesting questions.

  2. Thank you, Songbird! I appreciate your doing this. And I love Crater Lake, too. It really is the bluest water I’ve ever seen, and I hope you do get to see it soon.

  3. Great answers. If you go to you can see where my former boss and friend are building a B&B which appears to be not far from Crater Lake. Maybe you will stay there when you go! (I’ve also heard that you have to be both good at planning and lucky to see it as the road there is often closed.)

  4. I was trying so hard to be cool — So much energy. for so little return. I’m just glad we both learned to play the guitar. The songs I wrote back then would make a great addition to the soundtrack of “A Mighty Wind.”
    P.S. I look forward to reading RevHRod and Kathryn’s interviews.

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