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Old Man Cat

Handsome Nicky

Since I returned home there has been no sign of our Old Man Cat, Nicky. If you’re a praying sort, would you say one for him? (And for me?) Nicky is 15, a noble grey fellow beginning to develop some arthritic stiffness. At his last check-up he got a clean bill of health, other than the need for a teeth cleaning. Despite that, I have had a sense that he is diminishing.

One of the hard things about cats is their private nature. Can you imagine how we would feel if one of the people in our lives decided to creep off to a quiet, wooded area, lie down and simply not get back up again? This happened with a sickly cat we took in for one of our young babysitters. I had a clear sense that we would not see her again, a little brown tiger female whose wheezing may have been the result of a strangulation attempt in her very young kittenhood. No medication improved it. One day she went out and did not come home. I had a dream about her two nights later, and it seemed to be saying although she was gone, she was fine.

This is what we believe about our people when they die, isn’t it? But we like to know the whys and the wherefores. Somehow knowing when and where helps us, gives us a sense of completion and closure.

I suppose it’s possible that even an Old Man Cat may have chosen to go on a ramble, but I fear it’s unlikely that the ramble is around the physical neighborhood.

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  1. Oh dear oh dear…This is NOT a good week for revcats. Chloe has not been seen since the day after Greenbelt (2 weeks ago) and as there are quite a few other cats missing in the area, we’re afraid she has been catnapped. It’s horrible not knowing, isn’t it.
    Love and hugs xx

  2. Nuts! As I write our 14 year old cat is trying to build a nest in the back of my hair. This happens whenever I sit on the sofa. Unless of course I have ice cream, then we get REALLY close. Ours is not a playful old man. Kind of reminds me of Garrison Keillor’s old Norwegian bachelors. He’s a bachelor uncle of a cat. My husband thinks that when he’s gone there is a dog in our future. I’m thinking that when Timothy goes, the husband will be more bereft than he imagines.
    I hope your friend comes home soon. It’s awful when they go on travels unexpectedly. And yes, prayers for missing cats are on my to do list.

  3. I have prayed for many furry friends in my lifetime. I’ll add this one to my list. And you, too. Our four-legged children capture our hearts and to lose them – or even to fear we’ve lost them – really hurts.

  4. We had a cat disappear once. I’m sure he just went off to die quietly. The waiting and the wondering are so hard though. The not knowing really seems to haunt for a while.
    When I read of someone missing (a person) I know the doubt and wondering and gnawing must be 100 fold to what we experience with a pet, hopefully that’s the closest any of us ever get.
    I hope he lets you know he is fine one way or another. I’m sorry Songbird.

  5. Oh gosh. I had one year in which all three of my sweet cats died, of old age, one by one. Yes, they do go off by themselves when the time comes…(unless they are indoor cats and one takes them to the vet…)…(which I did)…I pray that you and your family are graced with closure, what ever that may mean for you and this old man cat. peace and prayers….

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