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Let’s Do the Time Warp Again…

I am blogging from O’Hare, where the local time is 5:56 p.m. Central. In about an hour we will take off for the Airport Near Land O’Lakes, for a flight of about an hour. We leave at 6:45 Central and arrive at 8:45 Eastern.

But have no fear. I will get my hour back, or lose it later, or something, when I reverse the trip on Sunday morning. I will leave ANLO’L at 7 a.m. and arrive in Chicago at, yes, 7 a.m.

Some things are just too complicated.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Do the Time Warp Again…”

  1. At least you will be in the same time zone as Snowman for telephonic purposes. Just wait till one of them decides to go to school in California! Seriously, traveling mercies and best of luck to Snowman in his studies and fun this year. Arts high schools are the greatest!

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