Don't Let's Call It a Diet

A Solid Pound

Yesterday’s back-to-school errands took The Princess and me to various
sporting goods stores, looking for a new pair of "Chucks" and some gym
pants. We agreed that those places feel like Mars to us. At one I
picked up some little barbells, you know, the pretty and colorful ones.
I was shocked by how heavy five pounds felt! My first thought was how
weak I must be to think so, but my second thought was how strong I have
been to carry so many extra five pounds-es on my frame.

I attend a Saturday Weight Watchers meeting, but I don’t know if I will be able to get
to one on my trip to Land o’Lakes Arts High School, so I scooted to the Weight Watchers
Center this morning to at least weigh in. I was pleased to have lost
what the WW guy called "a solid pound."

It was June 26th when I had the Come to Jesus moment with my doctor, and June 30th when I joined Weight Watchers. Since then I have laid down 21.4 solid pounds (a little less at Weight Watchers, since I believe a few pounds were shocked off in those first few days!).

I’m thinking about what I will be able to pick up, now that my own weight is lower. Maybe I’ll go back to the store and get some pretty barbells–but I’ll probably start with two pounds!

22 thoughts on “A Solid Pound”

  1. (o). wow. have you gone back and read any of your early posts as this new part of the journey got started? so beautiful to watch….

  2. Holy moly, Songbird! That’s super impressive! I just know you can keep it up too. I want you to know that you are one of the two people who inspired me to change the way I eat and to begin exercising. No amount of cajoling by my physician, husband, or dear mother-in-law did it for me. You and another blogging friend did. Thank you!

  3. I started with 4lb weights. It’s better to start light and build up. Now I alternate 5lb and 4lb, and I’m about to go up…except I think the next weight is 8…yeesh. If you decide to use weights get a good work out tape on weight training so you keep good posture, or use a personal trainer. Otherwise you can hurt yourself…. I use Denise Austin’s DVD “Get Fit Fast”…it has 10 minute work outs for arms, abs, and legs. Four times a week I do the arm and abs (20 minute total work out). And she has three levels of difficulty. I started with Level one (the easiest) and did that for about three weeks before I moved up to level 2. Now I do one level one day then move up the next, etc. So I go through all three levels in a week at least once. (Hey, I can do anything for 20 minutes). But she helps you use good posture, and my arms and abs are more toned. Then, I figure I walk the dogs, so that keeps the legs in shape…total body work out!
    Not. that you asked…but I like it so much I couldn’t help sharing!
    Good job! That is an impressive weight loss.

  4. That is SO AWESOME. You rock!!!
    If you do decide to go back and get some pretty little dumbbells, let me know – I have some great strength training for women books I can recommend.
    Brava to you, SB. That is so wonderful.

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