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Salsa Chicken

Tonight Snowman saw his dad and grandfather for a going away meal, so we had our last family dinner before his departure last night. For the occasion I invented Salsa Chicken, and it was a big enough hit that I want to share it with you.

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, halved (3 points for each half breast)
1 jar Newman’s Own Black Bean and Corn Medium Salsa (1/4 cup has 0 points!)
1 onion, chopped (0 points)
8 tsp. olive oil (optional if you want to use Pam, but I wanted a healthy oil serving with this, 1 point per teaspoon)

Sauté onion in the olive oil over medium heat in a large frying pan until wilted (or charred on the edges, in my case). Add chicken breast halves and brown lightly on both sides.

Pour salsa over chicken breasts and simmer on medium-low until chicken is cooked through.

The sauce thickened as it cooked and it worked really well in a tortilla. I bought white corn tortillas (small) that were 1 point each, and I enjoyed eating two filled with my portion of chicken (1/2 breast and about 1/4 cup of the sauce), for a total of 6 points. The whole family enjoyed this meal, and I had to go back to the kitchen and warm up more tortillas!

My family continues to be supportive of my efforts at activity and food-planning, and I am grateful to them. In ten days we’ll enter a six week Girls Only Zone, as Pure Luck heads off to work, and I’ll be interested to see how much cooking goes on versus how much sushi we pick up at the store!

9 thoughts on “Salsa Chicken”

  1. Dinner sounds fabulous. So, he’s off to school? I really hope he loves it. And that you don’t worry too much. And that you and the Princess get to have sushi at least once a week over that six week time frame (or more?!?)…

  2. Great recipe (though I wish we could get all the same ingredients here…have no idea, for eg. what might be the equivalent of the Newman’s salsa)…
    Thinking about you such alot as you get ready to send Snowman on his way. Please give him our love and good wishes x

  3. Lorna, that’s four points if you eat a half-breast (think the size of a deck of cards), or nine if you want the whole breast, according to Weight Watchers online recipe builder. Some ingredients “cost” a little more than double when doubled (olive oil is a good example).

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