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Back to School, Part One

I spent the day taking #1 Son back to Hiptastic University, to begin his Senior year. He has been a non-worrying college student, and I am grateful, considering the sorts of fits my brother and I gave our parents. As always, we enjoyed traveling in the car together and found no shortage of conversational topics. As my father once said about the little fellow, age 2, "He must be good company."

Leaving Home

This year he looks forward to doing an Acting Thesis, which will include performing in Oedipus Rex and Big Love (not the HBO drama, but the play by Charles Mee), as well as writing a big paper. He will live in a house on campus with four friends. I stand by my conclusion that it is a hovel, although it is much cleaner now than when I saw it occupied last spring.

Home, Sweet HovelOn Vine Street

#1 Son amused himself and his housemate by telling me I mispronounced "hovel." Clearly he doesn’t remember where ah’m from…

(Bigger versions at Flickr. I may not be able to live with the grey hair after seeing this morning’s pictures.)

12 thoughts on “Back to School, Part One”

  1. I know someone whose name is more or less “hovel” only with an L at the beginning, who pronounces it
    Would that be worth a try? “My son is living in a howVELL this year…”
    Hope he has a great year 🙂

  2. Pictures are great! Hovel looks better than expected. Son and friend look happy, as do you–glad to have a visual image of you!

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