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Shoes of the Songbird

  Shoes close-up 
  Originally uploaded by msongbird.

In response to your requests:

These are the little shoes I got at Wally World on the day the waitress threw iced coffee all over my outfit. After all, in a crisis, color coordination counts!

12 thoughts on “Shoes of the Songbird”

  1. Cute shoes! The original story reminded me of a day when Soda Chick was two and had a major accident. We were an hour from home and had to go show off at the new parish. She got a stunning new outfit from Wal-Mart.
    Alas, we have no Wal-Mart anywhere near here. It’s a strange feeling, since when I lived in Very Tiny Town, Missouri it was “THE Wal-Mart”. You know you live in the country when it is THE Wal-Mart and not just “Let’s go to Wal-Mart.”

  2. and around “these here parts” it’s “Walmarts” – not Walmart
    I think those shoes rank right up there with the Cheese’s.

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