Kitty Konflikt

Baby, our famous peeing, vomiting, mouse-killing in the bedroom cat, has now committed the unthinkable: she peed on a stack of #1 Son’s BOOKS, piled in a laundry basket for easy transport back to college.

These books included:

The Name of the Rose
As I Lay Dying (2 copies)
Welcome to Hard Times
Reading Lolita in Tehran (Hey, that one was mine!!)
some Turgenev
a few books for classes past

This is in addition to ruinously peeing on flannel sheets in the laundry queue while I was at camp, as well as the other garden variety peeing we expect any old day of the week.

We’re going in to see the vet on Friday morning. I am beside myself. I’ve said this before, but if we’re getting into ruination of things that cannot be laundered, I’m not sure how to keep living with her.

Naturally she is the cat who most likes to snuggle with me, the one purring in my ear every night.

This is a struggle.

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  1. Argh! I have that problem with my oldest cat, Snuggles, who’s 15. We love her very much. She started doing this about 6 months ago. The vet says she doesn’t have a urinary tract infection, and we haven’t had any major changes in our household to upset her. The vet says it’s just that she’s very old and/or has some psychological problem going on.
    We just keep our bedroom door and the door to the kids’ playroom closed. Those are the two rooms she usually picks to try to pee in.

  2. Aw, Baby, what are you thinking, girlie?
    My sister had a peeing cat, who is now a reformed pee-er. He had to take kitty cat prozac.And she had to recarpet the dining room.

  3. So not envying you right now… It’s hard to balance the practicality of “no more peeing on the books” with “no more snuggles when I’m weary.” Here’s hoping the vet has positive news for you.

  4. We had this problem for a while shortly before moving across country. Had decided the cat had to be put to sleep as no one could live with her. Onkel Hankie Pants was in the Boundary Waters dreading taking her in, daughters were in Michigan, and one morning I found her lying on the basement floor (not usually her place to be) and obviously she had had a stroke, and passed peacefully a short while later. It was a good, though sad, solution. I hope you can find one, up to then the only thing we learned was *not* to leave things where she would do it — it did wonders for our housekeeping!

  5. This sort of thing has driven us to consultations with a vet in town here who does purely animal behavior consultations, by phone (so I could give you his contact info if you wanted it, actually). It felt a bit like doing therapy for the cat, but the two rounds of consulting we have done really made a difference. The first, in 1999-2000, helped us get through a period in which younger kitty was peeing on our bed while we were in it (and sometimes when we weren’t). More recently, when the same cat was peeing around the house in the wake of the contractors and the home renovation, he helped again.
    One thing…sorry to go on so long….he always suggests is to put more litter boxes around, and this time he suggested that we get a long plastic box, the kind that are used for underbed storage, and use that for a litterbox, putting very little litter in and leaving a good bit of the box empty. He said a lot of cats don’t like to stand in the litter. Oh, and he recommended a new brand of litter called Cat Attract.
    Good luck.

  6. oh dear, this is so hard, and not normal for cats! oh, I hope htat the vet has some good advice for you and your kitty cat…I’ll be praying for you all, and keeping track…

  7. ahh. As one who lives with such a problem…I am so sorry. my most loving, snuggly cat was the brother of our big peeing cat. Sadly he died 18 months ago. She lives on. peeing occasionally on things that are not hers (ie the litter box!). sigh. the cat we got for my son, to replace his beloved one that died, is incredibly sweet, and does not pee where she ought not. But her old big sister continues too. She is will be 11 in Sept. How long do cats live? (Naturally?)….(I know she could just be middle aged, sigh. sigh.)…what do you do?
    I hope the vet has some good suggestions, helpful answers, maybe even a solution for you.

  8. We are suffering similarly here, largely I guess due to the puppy’s arrival. I am going to call the vet tomorrow and have the “kitty prozac” script filled. We’re getting down to our last chances. At least I do have a family member who will take kitty if all else fails… We’ll be thinking of you!

  9. Jaye, I hear you. This started four years ago, when we added the second dog. Unfortunately, we don’t have a family member to take her. She’s so affectionate, it feels awful to think of letting her go, but she is definitely creating great human stress!

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