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Reduced Fat

The joke was on me this morning. I measured out my Fiber One and cut up my half banana, then discovered the only milk in the house to pour over it was 2%. All the skim milk was gone. #1 Son is a big milk-drinker. All we had left was the milk intended to put a little weight back on our skinny Snowman before he leaves for Land o’ Lakes (doctor’s orders).

So here was my breakfast tracker:

1/2 cup Fiber One cereal — 0 points (which seems ridiculous, but that’s how they calculate those high fiber foods; tastes a bit like twigs)
1/2 large banana — 1 point
1/2 cup 2 % "reduced" fat milk — 1.5 points!!! AARGH!!!!!! (Skim would have been .5)

2% milk tasted roughly equivalent to the combination of skim milk and half-and-half I have used so many times as a comfort measure. I ate it, but I didn’t like it.

Hey, I didn’t like it!!!

(Thank you for your suggestions on last night’s post. I’m going to respond to them when I get back from a walk.)

10 thoughts on “Reduced Fat”

  1. As I’ve become accustomed to skim milk I can never use the other stuff, it’s too milky…
    and I know what you mean, “taste like twigs”…the things we do to be healthy.

  2. As someone who grew up in the era of whole milk, I will just note the irony of 2% milk being in the house to put weight on a skinny kid.
    I don’t like milk, but I just started putting kefir on my cereal (Kashi Go Lean). Yum.

  3. skimmed milk is much nicer 🙂 I’d probably have eaten it dry or with juice poured on instead of the milk
    I can’t stand banana on cereal. Today I ate a banana on the train though.
    do you measure everything? I’ve no idea how much ½ cup of milk would really look like in a cereal bowl.

  4. I have mostly switched to skim milk (from 2%), but it’s hard to find a brand that doesn’t taste like reconstituted dried milk. Bleah.
    Fiber One does taste like twigs. How about mini shredded wheat, or grape nuts?

  5. I hate to admit this, but I have eaten a bowl of Fiber One every morning for the past, oh… seven years? Seriously! I sprinkle it with Splenda and use Silk Vanilla Soy Milk and it’s yummy. Fills me up, gets some much needed fiber in my system and stays with me until I can eat around noon. Ok, so I’m weird. ;c)

  6. While visiting my parents I was eating my Kashi (10g of fiber/serving!). They actually mention twigs in the product description right on the box.
    My mom: You don’t look like you’re enjoying that very much.
    Me: I’m not.
    Mom: Then why are you eating it?
    Me: ‘Cause it’s only 1 point.
    Yeah, the things we do…but I’ve come to love skim milk. I find it much more refreshing than 2%.

  7. As a child I loathed skim milk and even now there is no way I’d drink a glass of it (then again that’s true of all types of milk with the possible exception of chocolate) but I do put it on my cereal (cinnamon Puffins or Total). Even 2% feels like thick cream these days and the brobdignagian viscosity of whole milk is the stuff of nightmare.

  8. Oh my. My dad eats Fiber One religiously (he is not a religious person, except about routines). He buys it in bulk. Seriously. There’s always 4-5 boxes in the pantry.
    I think it looks like mealworms. You know, those things you feed to other critters in 7th grade science? Yuck. (You would think I had grown out of this by now, but I think it’s become a bit of a habit, teasing him about his ‘mealworms’.) Sorry if that ruins it for you, but is sounds like the Zero is its most important quality..
    About skim milk, well: I hate milk. I do not drink milk except with cookies or cereal. It can only be skim milk (which tastes less like milk than other milks). I think this is maybe because I had whole milk as a small child? (Likewise, I grew up on wonderbread and now only eat the most whole-grain, nutty, wheaty bread possible.)

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