Don't Let's Call It a Diet, Walking

It’s So Much Easier To Do This Now Than Later

It is unusually humid here in City By the Sea, 93% humidity already at  7 o’clock this morning. It’s Saturday, and I was tempted to roll over and go back to sleep a bit longer, but I knew if there was going to be a walk, it would be better to walk early in the day. The temperature is still fairly low (mid-70s), but due to reach the high 80s. We put on our shoes and socks and got out the door.

As we started off, I said to Pure Luck, "Please keep reminding me it’s easier to do this now than later."

"It’s easier to do this now than later," he replied.

As we rounded the corner, I said, "Hey, did you hear that it’s easier to do this now than later?"

"I just said that."

We continued on in this fashion, and as sweat broke out much earlier than usual, I amended my remarks: "It’s SO much easier to do this now than later."

This is of course true of many things in life we might be inclined to procrastinate. On the terrible occasions, for instance, where life events conspire to put off the writing of a sermon until Saturday evening, I know these words are true. When I discovered a set of flannel sheets, which never received high laundry priority and rested for a long while in the basement, had been used as a substitute litter box, I was reminded again that it’s easier to do this now than later. The rescue of the sheets, if possible, will likely involve an expensive gallon or two of Nature’s Miracle. Buying new sheets sounds pretty good at the moment. Sometimes later is too late.

What might you be inclined to resist that would be so much easier to do now than later?

9 thoughts on “It’s So Much Easier To Do This Now Than Later”

  1. In order order of annoyance:
    Picking up Lego Bionicles
    Changing cat litter
    Laundry (it gets two mentions…just because)
    Buying school clothes
    Getting bloodwork done
    Changing oil in car
    Rotating tires on car
    and that’s about it . For today.

  2. writing the sermon I’m supposed to be writing right now instead of blogging and surfing your blog and downloadin pictures and checking in on the revgal sermon party and . . .

  3. oh yeah, laundry. I should probably do that if I plan to wear clothes to church tomorrow.
    just one more chapter of the book I’m reading, then I’ll do it….assuming there’s no nap in that chapter
    what was that about easier now than later?

  4. What I meant to do when I read this was to tell you how impressed I am by your commitment to walking and the progress you’ve made. But I didn’t do it yesterday; had to come back to do it today. You go, girl!

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