Today was the day.

The Princess required extractions as part of her orthodontic treatment plan. The procedure went smoothly, but I have my doubts about the nursing arrangements, in particular the relationship between nurse and patient.

I didn’t realize they gave Vicodin to 12 year olds. Can I expect her to be awake at all?

If she does wake up, we have the following movies, newly purchased, to pass the time:

  1. Mean Girls
  2. Ella Enchanted
  3. The New World (that one might be for me)

Think of us today, friends.

20 thoughts on “Extractions”

  1. Vicodin to a 12 year old? That doesn’t sound right. She’ll likely sleep all through. And you’ll want to watch Ella Enchanted either way. It’s good.
    Lots of smoothies for the Princess when she wakes up. And fiber rich foods (…..Vicodin and all)

  2. I did the extraction thing when I had my braces in my early 30s. Not fun, but the results were ultimately good.
    I had Tylenol 3s, but then, I was thirtysomething. She will sleep through the Vicodin. She may be okay with half of a tablet also – that my be enough to kill the pain but keep her more lucid/awake.

  3. It’s liquid, so I just gave a smaller dose the second time. She’s sitting up eating well-cooked pasta. Phew! She was pretty miserable earlier.

  4. The New World? Is that the one with Colin Farrell, Christian Bale, and David Thewlis? If so, let me know how you like it. I admit to having gone on a bit of a David Thewlis (Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter movies) roll here lately so this is a movie that I would like to see but, at the moment, I’m a little too cheep to check it out of Blockbuster. I’m waiting until it comes out on cable next month. 😉
    Best wishes to the Princess, in the meantime. I hope that she feels better soon!

  5. I hope the Princess isn’t in too much pain. I saw Ella Enchanted recently. Cute, but the Queen and Elton John songs were a bit weird!

  6. Princess is in my prayers, as I look at my 17 year old daughter’s swollen face from getting her wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. Our poor babies. Pudding, ice cream, jello, yogurt, applesauce. . . .milkshakes. Pamper her. MJ’s first day was spent watching three movies, too. Healing thoughts coming your way.

  7. Oh, sweet girl. My son had 4 teeth removed for orthdontia when he was about 15. He slept for 3 days.
    I had to get dd up and dressed on Day 4 of the Wisdom Teeth Adventure last month when we started to run out of Percocet. No refills unless they see you in person. She needed two more days.

  8. I’m still waiting to see it, Diane. She conked out yesterday before we got to it and spent today at her dad’s house. Tonight was time for a geekfest with her brothers: three episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!

  9. Soda Chicky had hers out last year. Worse than the vicodin enhanced napping and the crabby awake state was the incredible bad breath! (Soda Chicky is a mouth breather.) Having had my own four teeth pulled for braces, I suddenly felt bad for my own mother. Phooey!

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