Overheard on the Nature Trail

Songbird: How long is this trail?
Pure Luck: Nothing you can’t handle.
Songbird: Do you know how many times you’ve said that in the past?

(Further along we get to a map of the trail proper.)
Songbird: So what do we do exactly?
Pure Luck: We take the towpath to the loop, and then we loop around and come back. There’s a side trail to the falls, but we don’t have to do that, unless you want to.
Songbird: *How* long is this trail?

(Further in)
Pure Luck: After we cross the bridge, there is a hill.
Songbird: You never said there were hills. You liar!
Pure Luck: They’re small hills, I never said there were no small hills. Therefore, I did not lie.
Songbird: You never tell the truth on hikes.
Pure Luck: They are small hills.

(As we chug up the first hill)
Songbird: You must have been thrilled to find this small mountain range in City By the Sea.
Pure Luck: They are small hills.

(At the crossing with the falls trail)
Songbird: How far away are they?
Pure Luck: Just around the corner.
Songbird: How do I know what you mean by just around the corner? Remember when we hiked Pleasant, and you kept saying we were almost to the top?
Pure Luck: It’s just around the corner.

(As we start DOWNHILL to the falls, a hill we will need to re-climb)
Songbird: You never mentioned a hill.
Pure Luck: I said down over there, which implies a hill.
Songbird: You said "around the corner."

(At the top of the original hill.)
Songbird: I came up that?
Pure Luck: Yes, yes you did.
Songbird: Huh. I rock.

(On the way back to the car)
Pure Luck: So, you were able to manage this.
Songbird: (No comment.)
Pure Luck: You can’t admit it when I’m right, can you?
Songbird: I have no trouble admitting that, because you aren’t right.
Pure Luck: But we’re almost done, and you’re doing well.  You did all those hills. This was within your abilities.
Songbird: I could collapse right here. Or between here and the car.
Pure Luck: (shakes head)

I pretty much think he deserves a medal.
Also, it was a 7 point walk in Weight Watchers terms. I feel pretty good.

25 thoughts on “Overheard on the Nature Trail”

  1. What great dialogue. I’m laughing.
    It’s hiking etiquette, I think, to lie to everyone on the trail. When I am climbing a steep trail and I pass people coming down, they will always say encouragingly, “Oh, you are close to the top.” And even though I know they are lying, I find their support very encouraging. And I always forgive them when I get to the summit and feel great that I’m there.

  2. I have a wedding to do in 45 minutes. My stomach is grumbling because I forgot to eat after breakfast- sure that leaves me lots of points for dinner, but… silly, silly more cows.
    But, I’ve delighted in catching up on your blog and seeing the progress your making in your wellness journey. Sounds like a very worthy hike! Good to catch up with you.

  3. Love it. I’m with you on your last comment of the dialogue and I am with you the one about medals. One is not exclusive of the other–and sort of the essence of marriage?!

  4. Even if I didn’t say ‘down’ around the corner I certain indicated it by pointing. The only ‘corner’ in sight from where we were standing was at the bottom of a small incline. Also dear readers, you should know that you were spared some more of the ‘colorful’ dialogue.
    And it WAS within her abilities.

  5. hee hee…it does feel good, doesn’t it? and after the previous day of working ALL DAY but only accumulating one point – this balances it?

  6. Way to go! Sounds like a great day. Love the dialog … and thanks to Pure Luck for commenting here too.

  7. 7 points!! Good for you! And you sounded exactly like I would have on a hike like that. Good for Pure Luck for knowing just how to love you up that hill and back.
    Reminds of when my son asks “how much farther mom?”…and I always answer “3 more miles”….

  8. Is it okay to say that I am ending the day stiff, which suggests it really was a stretch? But it was a stretch I achieved. Feels pretty good.

  9. Thanks for the laugh-out-loud post. This was quite frequently the dialogue with my ex-husband on bike rides. And included plenty of the “more colorful” dialogue to which Pure Luck alluded!

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