Don't Let's Call It a Diet

Where Did This Day Go?

It was fun to cook dinner last night, and we went on from the yummy beans to an evening playing Carcassone, with everyone being so funny that I had tears running down my cheeks!

Today, on the other hand, I worked 12 hours (not including commute), and I have no impressive dinner recipe to share.

I also earned approximately 1 Activity Point today, for going up and down the stairs at church a bunch of times and breathing to stay alive. Driving the car, sitting in meetings or in people’s living rooms, sitting and writing: these are not exactly the world’s most aerobic activities.

I would have walked, even late as I got home tonight (9:40), but I drove home in a spectacular electrical storm and pouring rain.

The weight loss part of the journey is coming slowly. I have been
warned that the peri-menopausal woman, such as myself, will find it
harder. I’m trying not to obsess about it, just working on being
conscious and patient. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible, either.

It was a really busy day, jammed with close encounters of a deep sort. There were no regularly scheduled meals other than breakfast. I think back to how many of these kinds of days I had, January through June, and I can see why I jammed things into my mouth unconsciously.

The good news is, I didn’t do that today. I came home hungry, and ate a later dinner than one might wish, and I certainly didn’t manage five fruits and vegetables (more like 3). But I drank my water, and I can count my points, and tomorrow is another day.

3 thoughts on “Where Did This Day Go?”

  1. We love carcassone too 🙂
    Tomorrow is already here in Estonia. That’s a relief 🙂 Exam done – but our lecturer is a non show … wondering what’s happened to him. He left class early yesterday to go to a funeral
    School tomorrow 10-6pm – thank God even God took a day off on Sunday. I’m exhausted already

  2. Sounds like you’re doing great. Great to see you back. I was quite shocked to see a blank main page last week too!

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