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We leave for Land o’Lakes in three weeks.

I’m just sayin’.

Still to be acquired:

  • Laptop–there is some indecision regarding Mac (what he used at school) vs. PC (what we have at home)
  • Uniform–new rules are about to go into effect regarding the light blue shirts; of course we have already been stockpiling a variety that will now be useful only for one year. Sigh.
  • Tuxedo–do we buy one here? Wait and do it at school? Order one over eBay?
  • A calm frame of mind on the part of the mother– not available in stores

11 thoughts on “Countdown”

  1. Get a Mac. Yes, I’ll admit I’m a mac fan! I personally think they are better. And, if you *really* need to do something Windows-y, you can always install BootCamp.

  2. go with the macbook–it’s amazing. I love mine, even if it did just go to the MacDoctor yesterday. Be sure to get the AppleCare plan too so he can have phone tech support for three years. And Office of Mac, student teacher edition is only $149 (at least it was when I got it in December)….it makes everything compatible.
    They’re changing the light blue shirts????? Is that even legal?

  3. If he is still growing order the tux as late as possible.
    We have gotten performance tuxes “second hand” at tux rental places when they have upgraded their stock…They look good on stage.
    I vote for throwing yourself into an all consuming project that completely displaces your grief over his leaving. (at least temporarily displaces.)

  4. I was going to suggest the tux rental places too (I guess this means they no longer wear the grey wool trousers and navy blazers, huh?)
    You’ll be fine. Think how much fun it’s going to be to bring him out there.

  5. Hey, if you find out where they are selling those calm maternal frames of mind, let me know. I think a bunch of us could go together and get them wholesale ….

  6. I come from a long line of Mac users on both sides of my family, so I’m sure you can guess which kind of computer I’d suggest.

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