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A Turn in the Weather

It’s cool enough that I wanted to close the window here by the kitchen table, where I sit with my laptop and my old man cat and a bowl of little hemispheres of watermelon (1 point).

This morning I went out with a friend and colleague, The Wise Cellist, and I remembered how challenging it is to order breakfast in a restaurant while counting points. That abstemious breakfast of Fiber One (1 point for a half cup), half a banana and a half-cup of skim milk is not usually on the menu.

Now, in the past, I might have said to myself, "Well, it’s only once a week, the clergy breakfast group. I’ll just have what I want and count the rest of the week." Or I might have planned to count but felt depressed by the total (two poached eggs, English muffin, somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 points including the skim milk in my coffee).

But today something in me seemed to turn just as the humidity and temperature and barometric pressure have this evening. I counted up and went from there. When I had to manage dinner on a small number of points, I fixed a big salad. I did not have to resort to the additional weekly points, although I certainly could have. But I wanted to see if I could do it without them. And I am pleased to have met the challenge successfully.

This is a small moment in the greater scheme of things, but I find hope in this change of attitude toward not only food, but toward myself. I ate pretty freely at camp (there was no way to get the fat free milk or healthy oils that are the lynch-pins of Weight Watchers), but not crazily, and heaven knows, I was far more active than I am on the average sedentary day of ministry. The wild singing after every meal wasn’t just good for tiring out the campers! I missed my weigh-in on Saturday, because we weren’t back until well after the WW Center closed, but I would say I feel pretty good about how I’m doing. Tonight’s walk was two minutes short of counting for 4 activity points, so I am pleased with how well I maintained the fitness I was working on before camp.

For those of you also seeking wellness, how is it going?

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  1. I continue to heal from my infection, illness and hospital stay last fall (Nov). I am finally back to my pre-illness work out and exercise routine. It’s taken 7-8 months to get back here. But some of it has happend because you, and your efforts, which have inspired me. Thanks!

  2. I am doing ok on this – right now I have lost about 30 pounds total — however, the oppressive heat has taken its toll on me – and a good “excuse” not to walk – and then school started. …. blah blah… however, I do notice that I am eating less and eating more of the GOOD foods. More balance in my life for sure! It sure helps knowing other bloggers are working towards a healthier lifestyle!

  3. I return to you for inspiration to try to move wellness from number 75 on my list of things to do, up to at least 31. The Dowager Empress Stress has taken residence in my sphere and is exceptionally strident and demanding this trip. I look to September for respite and a return to normalcy. Such as it is here in PG Twinkly Land.

  4. I worked out hard today and got my heart rate up for at least 20 minutes. Foodwise, I’m doing OK, not great. My WW days predate points and I have never gotten the hang of them; I need to just go back to doing the old “exchanges” method, which still works for me if I will just follow it. You, on the other hand, sound like you are doing quite well.

  5. Hooray for taking that turn. I know it’s in me somewhere and I pray I get to it soon myself. Now you’re in the groove baby!
    I’m struggling but getting back to regular exercise after a few weeks of interruptions. It seems to be a lynch-pin for me as you say…if I do it, I have a chance of making other good choices that day; if I forego it, not such good choices.
    thanks for asking…

  6. I’ve engaged Babs as my diet coach. She lost about 40 pounds before Portia’s wedding, saying her motivation was “not to be the fat single sister at the wedding.” She looks great and has kept it off–and she’s getting me back on track!

  7. I’ve managed to hang onto my weight loss despite no “official” exercise since Pilates class ended right after the Fourth. I gained a couple of pounds while indulging in shave-ices, pineapple, and white rice with most meals on Oahu, but dropped them fairly quickly once we got home and I was doing my normal low-carb breakfasts and lunches.
    I did start back up walking this morning because the kids went back to school. Because of the traffic mess the first day brings to the elementary school across the street, I didn’t try to go to the Y and use the machines.
    While I am maintaining my weight, I have not maintained the firmer tummy that Pilates and the abs machine gave me. I’ll need to do some mat work on my own and get back to working on the machines at the Y before classes start up, or I will be in sad shape.

  8. These past couple of weeks have been awful for me. A lot of entertaining, a lot of work, and mainly, a lot of excuses. You are inspiring, friend. Thank you. And re your son in the next post, prayers for the ability to simply live in today with him–tomorrow will come soon enough, ah?

  9. Not good here…Being on the boat was great for exercise (lots of cranking of lock gates and walking along the tow path) but appalling in terms of food and alcohol. And I’m feeling utterly demotivated too, which never helps.
    Suspect I might as well say “Starting again 1st September” as Greenbelt isn’t a good time to follow a healthy diet either. Oh dear.
    Sorry to sound so negative, specially when you’re being such a star.

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