Seek And Ye Shall Find?

I’ve been asking The Princess for some time now where she left a pair of
hand-knitted socks I made for her last year (in fact, I was knitting
them at the Festival of Homiletics, in the balcony of the Peachtree Road United Methodist Church and in the hotel room I shared with St. Casserole, my entertainment while she watched American Idol Taylor Hicks).

It’s somewhat irritating when a whole pair of hand-knitted socks disappears, wouldn’t you agree?

Tonight Pure Luck and I were out for a walk, and I had a sudden, urgent need when we were about halfway around our loop and therefore almost as far from home as we could get. Much closer by was the home of The Father of My Children, where the children had gone for dinner. We turned in that direction, and he graciously allowed me the use of the facilities.

Guess what I saw sitting on the radiator in his bathroom?

It would be impossible to sit there and not see them. I mean, really quite impossible.

What is the moral of this story? Seek a restroom, and ye shall find lost socks?

15 thoughts on “Seek And Ye Shall Find?”

  1. Tee Hee. This is so funny! And even funnier because yesterday was our Youth Sunday and the theme of worship, which I also used for my weekly devotion for caregiving teams was (you guessed it) Seek and Ye Shall find!

  2. Oh yeesh. I bet those socks have been on that bathroom radiator since the winter, and no one, any longer, noticed them there…can you see the trees for the forest?
    at least you know where they are…

  3. Makes me wonder if there should be an age limit on who we make socks for?
    Well, there might be adults that never get a pair knitted for them.

  4. Next time you’re there, can you look for my TV remote, and the key to our china cabinet? they are not in any bathroom around here!

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