Don't Let's Call It a Diet, Walking

Uphill Both Ways

Sometimes it’s hard to be content with where you are.

I’m trying to be excited that I earned 5 activity points today, 2 for using an exercise machine that resides in our guest room and 3 for a walk this evening.

But Pure Luck climbed a mountain, and took a walk with me later, too, and his activity points for today, were he calculating them, would be 37.

Somehow I feel like the child whose grandparent walked to and from school uphill both ways.

I’m supposed to be working on the positive self-talk this week, but it’s not going very well. I find I am grappling with the disconnect between saying positive things and trying to change everything about my physical life, which suggests the old ways were, in fact, negative. It has been suggested by wise heads in my life, both professional and personal, that I could certainly take pride in the way I have tackled this attempt at turning my life around.

On that note, I can walk up hills that left me winded just last week. They are wee hills in my neighborhood, but they are definite changes in the landscape. I can even walk faster while moving upward. I guess that’s an accomplishment.

(You *guess* that’s an accomplishment?)

As I said, not very good at this.

19 thoughts on “Uphill Both Ways”

  1. Yep, definitely an accomplishment!!
    I try to think of my positive behavior changes on an absolute scale: today is today. I use a tried and true reward system for the 4 year old in me: stickers.
    Right now, I get a glittery tropical fish sticker for every day on my calendar that I work out. (Before that it was Peter Rabbit, which amused me to no end.)
    Looking back at July, not so many stickers as I’d have liked to have…but of course I went to Atlanta and Cozumel in there!
    Turn the page to August. How…many…MORE…stickers…might…I…get…!?
    You’re doing fantastic. Love ya.

  2. Oh, yes… a great accomplishment… just the fact that you DID it! Sending you an “atta girl” today along with some hugs!

  3. Mental exercise, and changing mental habits, is even harder than the physical variety. Keep plugging away, you’re doing great.

  4. It is an accomplishment. You just have to say it in a positive manner. You do not have to believe it at the time. That comes with practice.

  5. Mindy is absolutely correct. I tell myself every day “I smile as I collect my Pulitzer…..I smile as I collect my Pulitzer….”
    Well, anyway,
    Fact is, you’re doing great. Making changes and keeping them up every day is a huge accomplishment.

  6. Oh, hell, you can’t possibly compare yourself to Pure Luck. Isn’t he like three feet taller than you? And he’s been climbing mountains all along, so I bet he’s not making progress.
    Walks are healthy in all kinds of ways — more than just the physical exercise — so you definitely need to give yourself extra credit points when you take a walk.

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