Remember When?

Remember when my laptop took a summer vacation with the Geek Squad?

She seems destined to make her seasonal return, as she will not turn on this morning.


(And, no, I’ve been no better about backing things up, and I have even more passwords saved on her than I did a year ago. Is this some sort of nudge from the universe?)

Last year, Pure Luck was kind enough to lend me his laptop, but there were a few rules. In his honor,  I will reprint them here:

Pure Luck’s Rules of Laptop use:

1) No open containers of liquid near the laptop, and yes that means coffee too.

2) No blogging from the bathroom.

3) No messy food near the laptop.

4)  No applying makeup at the laptop.

5)  No removing makeup at the laptop.

6)  Users must wash hands (and dry them) before using the laptop.

7) No nifty downloads of faeries, elves or other tray-clogging
mythological creatures not even if their tiny arrows burst into blazing
flowers revealing the local relative humidity.

8) Absolutely no using Internet Spyware Explorer or Outlook Virus Express.

9) Minimize breathing in the vicinity of the laptop.

10)  No cat blogging.

21 thoughts on “Remember When?”

  1. Mr. M’s rule of laptop use? No setting decorative water fountains on the hutch above your desk.
    He had to teach that rule to a high school principal.

  2. Oh my.
    Well, I hope your laptop has a good time at laptop camp.
    It sounds like camp borrow-a-laptop has too many rules.

  3. Ohhh, those computer troubles. I highly recommend getting a computer tune-up once a year with someone you trust. I found a GREAT person/business through one of my parishioners, and he set us up with an external hard drive that automatically backs-up twice a week. And he got everything in wonderful working order…….wish you were closer to Boston, because you could go to them…
    good luck.

  4. No, it’s not that, Iris. My old man cat likes to lean on the laptop for the warmth and tends to shed on it. Pure Luck wants cats to keep their distance from his laptop to avoid Dander Danger.
    He’s hiking today, by the way, so I have no idea whether I’ll get a loan this time. Maybe I won’t need one, anyway. I’m hoping this is just the power cord and they can give me a new one.

  5. Um, give you a new one? Or SELL you a new one?
    After the last experience with the Blue Screen of Computer death, I signed up for an online backup service. It backs up daily and I feel MUCH MUCH better. After all, my computer is the home for all of DH’s business records on Quickbooks.

  6. Well, it’s under warranty, so I’m hoping that will replace the power cord, if indeed the power cord is the problem.
    I’m going to Best Buy after lunch, so I’ll know more soon.

  7. No cat blogging? But my cats love teh blogging. And teh keyboard.
    Our family would definitely be in trouble under Pure Luck’s rules.
    I hope the computer enjoys laptop camp.

  8. To the above you may add –
    11) Absolutely no children using the laptop. Evah.
    12) No going to sleep and leaving the laptop on all night as a lovely virus/adware/spyware target.

  9. Pure Luck: The Party Animal!
    Really, PL, these rules are repressive!
    I spilled a can of Diet Coke into the keyboard and thereby healed the entire computer, killed viruses, cleared cookies, defragged and upped bandwidth? Yep, it’s one of my tech tips for newbies.

  10. Well Sally the dogs rarely climb onto the table and sit right next to the laptop. Almost never in fact.

  11. The diagnosis: dead power adapter and dead battery. The cure: ordering new parts. The wait: 4-6 business days.
    Pure Luck is updating all the protective software on his laptop. Meanwhile, I’m elbowing the children out of the way to use the desktop they share.
    I’m afraid I have a laptop addiction. Or at the very least a jones.

  12. #7 tickled my funny bone.
    I spilled coffee on mine and it didn’t work for months. It now works. So now I have 2 laptops. Coffee laptop is now daughter’s to use.
    I need to get an external hard drive.

  13. I think Pure Luck would go nuts if he saw how we treat laptops at my house. There are always several just scattered about the living room, used randomly by whichever teenager or child happens to be closest.

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