Just a Little Motherly Advertising

As some of you know, #1 Son is in New York City working on a play. The American Story Project has a blog up, and if you wish you may see pictures there or read a little more about the play here. I’ll be going to see the play next week; if you’re in the area and might like to go, tickets are available here.

How did I get old enough to have a son with such a beard?

9 thoughts on “Just a Little Motherly Advertising”

  1. Oh my, so exciting. I remember being young and doing performances in New York (dance stuff). I’m so glad he has this opportunity and that you get to enjoy it too. Wish I could go…

  2. Dang. I’ve never even been to New York (except a layover in La Guardia!) How exciting! Have a great time and break a leg to him…

  3. Our kids grow up before we know it! I wonder how all four of mine have gotten taller than me, and that’s with only one left at home.

  4. The funny thing is, he really did look like an owl as a young boy, particularly in the first few years he wore glasses (ages 8-11 or so).

  5. Perishingly handsome. My eyes are yellowy-green, which has prompted plenty of jokes about feline ancestry. I’m sorry that I can’t just pop on over to see the show.

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